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Google Rolls Out it's Duplex Services to iPhones and many Android Smartphones

siliconreview Google Rolls Out it's Duplex Services to iPhones and many Android Smartphones

Google has launched its automated calling service, Duplex for iPhones and Android smartphones. Earlier, in December 2018, the service was available to the company’s own Pixel devices.

Last month, the company unveiled its plans to launch the services to more phones shortly, and now that it is available on iPhones and many Android smartphones. 

The Duplex service is totally based on AI; a human - sounded robot voice makes phone calls on behalf of the user to book restaurant reservations and many more.

According to a Google spokesperson, earlier this week, the company confirmed the launch of Duplex services.  Smartphones running on Android 5.0 or higher and iPhones with Google Assistant will be able to use the new services. The service is currently available in English in 43 US states. 

As per reports by XDA-developers, a mobile software development community, Duplex operates on Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus.

During the announcement of the services last year, the company showed a demo about Duplex. Duplex produced an automated voice, almost similarly like a human and then called a restaurant and booked a table without any problem.

There were a lot of negative reactions against Duplex— the company didn’t recognize its callers as robots, but, later they claimed— and still many people are worried about the service as it could be abused to annoy restaurants.

Currently, the services still aren’t available on enough phones to see if the service could cause trouble to the users.