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The University of Michigan Engineers Develops a New device For Detecting Cancer

siliconreview The University of Michigan Engineers Develops a New device For Detecting Cancer

This new breakthrough could carry out cancer detection without the need for biopsy. A team of engineers from the University of Michigan has created a prototype wearable device that could detect and treat cancer more effectively.

While testing the cell-grabbing chip device on animals, it collected 3.5 times as many cancer cells per milliliter of blood as it did running samples collected by blood draw. Therefore, the device has the potential to collect cancer cells directly from the veins without disruption and can screen a much larger amount of blood.

The chip inside the device is equipped with a nanomaterial graphene oxide. And due to the formation of the dense forest of antibody-tipped molecular chains, the device can collect more than 80 percent of cancer cells from the blood than the traditional biopsy.

The new device could help the doctors to plan cancer treatments more effectively than ever. The method can also be used to preserve the collected cancer cells for further use.

As per the research team, the new device would be available for humans within three to five years. The device would be very helpful to optimize treatments for cancer. Doctors could also detect the cells whether it is creating the molecules that are targets for new cancer treatment drugs.

The oven sized device is designed like a machine; which can be worn on the wrist and connect it to the arm.

The new development is very important for cancer research and treatment.