A shape-shifting robot built from 'smarticles' shows new locomotion strategy

Researchers from Northwestern University have now discovered a new robot that is built of 3D printed smarticles (Smart Active Particles); it forms a robot physical system that can move by itself. The ...  Read More





Slovenia to Start International AI Research in Collaboration with UNESCO

Slovenia intends to launch a research center for AI. It will be the first of its kind in Europe. The announcement was made public by the Slovenian government.UNESCO will help them ...   Read More


American Researchers are developing an AI system for Robots to help soldiers

A team of scientists in America are working on AI systems for robots. The AI systems are designed specifically for helping robots to assist soldiers during wartime in the future. ...   Read More


Alcatraz AI is developing Face ID for Offices

The new invention by Alcatraz AI, an American startup, could replace all the badge readers with a camera-based Face-ID for office employees across the world. The company has succes...   Read More


The virtual fitting room is all set to revolutionize the online shopping experience

The Size-Stream Scanner, a virtual fitting room by Metail, a company based in Cambridge is the next big thing in e-retail tech. Though it is right now in its prototype stage, it is...   Read More


Chinese firm Horizon Robotics is now Valued at $3billion

Horizon Robotics, a Chinese company which specializes in edge AI computing has raised a whopping $600M in the Series B funding. Now the company’s valuation has toppled up to ...   Read More


Google uses DeepMind’s AI software to predict the energy output of wind farms

Google uses the artificial intelligence software of its London-based subsidiary, DeepMind to predict the energy output of the wind farms the company uses for its green energy initi...   Read More


Facebook is taking Its AI Chip Development Seriously

Ina move to deliver the next breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), the social media giant, Facebook has put serious efforts towards the creation of its own AI ...   Read More


Stop&Shop to Test self-driving mini Grocery Stores

Stop&Shop, American grocery is deploying driverless grocery vehicles to test autonomous delivery vehicles. The testing will be carried with the help of Robomart, a startup. The...   Read More


Yitu Healthcare’s new System can Now Diagnose Disease related to Paediatric more accurately

A new breakthrough by Chinese healthcare called Yitu has created a benchmark in Paediatric diagnosis. Yitu has successfully used natural processing language (NLP) to diagnose pedia...   Read More

siliconreview-xnors-new-ai-tech-development- announces its new First Battery-free, Solar AI Technology (Xnor), an American company has announced about its new innovation, i.e. a standalone battery-free solar-powered AI technology. The announcement was made public on Wednesda...   Read More