Volkswagen unveils its brand new 2D logo at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019

The 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show bore witness to one of the biggest marketing/rebranding strategies in the world when Volkswagen came out with its new logo. Simplifying its 3D logo design to a 2D model w...  Read More





In China: Audi, Renault, Honda Vehicles to Feature Alibaba’s Smart Speakers

Alibaba Group’s voice-controlled assistant will feature in some of the vehicles from automakers such as Audi AG, Renault SA and Honda Motor Co Ltd in China, Reuters reported....   Read More


Tesla could enter the mining industry to procure essential minerals

Tesla’s shareholder meeting on Tuesday saw it’s iconic and outspoken CEO Elon Musk talk about his company’s operations and its plans for this year and the next. M...   Read More


Self-Driving Car Technology: Fiat Chrysler in a Deal with Aurora

Fiat and Renault did break up their merger deal and Fiat had to do something about the future of its company. It eventually reached out to a start-up that is based in California ca...   Read More


Toyota and Subaru Join Hands to Develop Electric SUV

Japanese car makers, Toyota Motor Corp and Subaru Corp announce to co-develop a battery-electric sport-utility vehicle (SUV), Reuters reported.  Both the companies will manufa...   Read More


BMW and Jaguar Land Rover join forces to develop affordable electric vehicles

There is a steady but unmistakable transformation underway in the global automotive industry. Most of the major automotive giants have been investing increasingly higher amounts of...   Read More


TuSimple to test its self-driving trucks for the postal service

Autonomous vehicles are undoubtedly the future of the automobile industry. Numerous startups in addition to existing automotive giants have been pouring hundreds of millions of dol...   Read More


Ford to lay off 10 percent of its global workforce amid major restructuring

Ford, an American multinational automaker made an announcement that it is laying off 10 percent of its salaried workforce that constitutes 7,000 white-collar jobs around the globe....   Read More


After the latest Car Fire incident, Tesla to upgrade battery software

In a move to fix the problems in its battery software, Tesla Inc will update them. The announcement was made public on Thursday. The move by the American automakers comes at a time...   Read More


Toyota and Panasonic to Jointly Establish a Company for ‘Connected’ Homes

Two Japanese companies: Toyota Motor Corp and Panasonic Corp intend to jointly open a company, Reuters reported. Both the companies will manufacture “connected” service...   Read More


Jaguar Land Rover Intends To Rollout New Software for Its Drivers

Jaguar Land Rover, one of the world’s top notched automotive companies,plans to install “smart wallet” technology in its vehicles, Reuters reported on Monday. The company’s...   Read More