Volkswagen unveils its brand new 2D logo at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019

The 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show bore witness to one of the biggest marketing/rebranding strategies in the world when Volkswagen came out with its new logo. Simplifying its 3D logo design to a 2D model w...  Read More





Zero unveils amazing new electric motorcycle

The market for electric automobiles is rapidly gaining traction as more and more auto manufacturers scramble to launch electric vehicles. While the electric car market is dominated...   Read More


Urgently, the roadside assistance raises $21 million

Everyone who drives a car can relate to a situation where the car breaks down and there are no auto-repair services nearby. The problems can range from a simple flat tire to engine...   Read More


Go-Jek raises $920 million as a first leg towards its $2 billion goal

The ride-hailing industry keeps getting more and more interesting, with venture capitalists and investors pouring hundreds of millions into budding companies in this market. It all...   Read More


Tesla to unveil a Sentry mode

Getting a scratch or a dent on a vehicle is a major cause for concern for most people, given the cost of repairs can burn a hole in their pockets. Furthermore, in case a person doe...   Read More


Uber plans to launch autonomous bikes and scooters

Ride-sharing has definitely come a long way. It was begun as an application to help users hail cabs from any location. Corporations evolved the service into carpooling to allow dri...   Read More


Now the customers have to pay a little more at Tesla’s Supercharger stations

As per Electrek(via Engadget), Tesla, the electric car manufacturer has raised prices at its Supercharger stations after implementing a new pricing policy. The electric car ma...   Read More


Bosch to conduct trials of Automated Vehicle System in Australia

German company Bosch has been approved by the Australian government to conduct trials of Self-driving car system on the country’s rural roads. The company was granted AU$2.3...   Read More


Ford’s legendary F-Series pickup trucks are going electric

Ford, the famous American automotive giant is clearly racing ahead with its plans to go full electric. It announced its intentions to manufacture electric versions of its iconic F-...   Read More


Aicha Evans is appointed as the new CEO of the self-driving car startup Zoox

Zoox, a self-driving car startup has appointed its new CEO. The company fired its former CEO Tim Kentley-Klaylast year. He was also co-founder of the company. As informed by the CT...   Read More


Hyundai unveils its new Concept Car Elevate

At the CES 2019, Hyundai, the South Korean car manufacturing company unveiled its concept car which runs on robotic legs. Dubbed as Elevate, the car is designed with technologies f...   Read More