Reports: Facebook to Roll out its own Cryptocurrency

Facebook intends to roll out its own cryptocurrency by 2020, BBC reports suggest. The social media giant has been in contact with British and US regulators to carry out the launch. BBC reports also s...  Read More





Price Paid: Cryptocurrency- based Accounts in WeChat Removed by China, due to Breaching

The Central authorities in China have strictly ordered social media company, WeChat to remove all block-chain based related official accounts. According to a source, the demand for...   Read More


Bitmain Plans to Launch $3Billion Hong Kong IPO

Bitmain technologies, a Chinese cryptocurrency mining chip manufacturer is planning to introduce their initial public offerings in Hong Kong. According to a source, the IPO could r...   Read More


Total Market Cap Holds above $300 Billion: Major Crypto Assets Sees Growth

A good number of green is presently seen by the crypto market. At the present time, most of the major crypto assets have a super growth in the past 24 hour period according to Coin...   Read More


Breach: Cryptocurrency Platform Bancor Hacked, $23.5 Millions of Worth Stolen

Bancor, an Israeli-based platform, which deals with cryptocurrencies and its own Bancor tokens for trades, was reportedly hacked on Monday. Post incident, the platform’s webs...   Read More


The High Prized Has Been Sold! And The Buyers Are Monaco

The explosion of cryptocurrency in the recent years had motivated Matt Blaze, a professor of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania to register a domain...   Read More


Finally Taken Over: Cryptocurrency Start-up TRON Acquires BitTorrent, Pays Millions

The China based Cryptocurrency startup TRON takes over one of most leading P2P file sharing platform BitTorrent for $140 million. The acquisition was wrapped up last week, accordin...   Read More


Proposed Mining Facility: Coinmint Wants to Open the Largest Crypto Mining Facility in the USA

The USA based cloud mining provider, Coinmint has confirmed that it will go ahead with its proposed plan to open a cryptocurrency mining plant at its newest crypto mining facility ...   Read More


Just In: Bloomberg introduces its own Cryptocurrency

As the demand for Cryptocurrency is expanding, the American data provider and index Services Company, Bloomberg has launched its own Cryptocurrency Index called Bloomberg Galaxy Cr...   Read More


Meet Ben, your new cryptocurrency buddy

We all know what chatbots are, they’ve been around since the 90s and now with the penetration of A.I, chatbots have become ever so intelligent. Meet Ben, a chatbot that solv...   Read More


Now twitter to ban cryptocurrency ads, following Google’s action

A week after Google announced its ban on ads related crypto-currencies ,twitter has also come to the decision of banning ads related to crypto-currencies and initial coin offe...   Read More