Reports: Facebook to Roll out its own Cryptocurrency

Facebook intends to roll out its own cryptocurrency by 2020, BBC reports suggest. The social media giant has been in contact with British and US regulators to carry out the launch. BBC reports also s...  Read More





Whom to trust? Even ISPs Are Injecting Cryptocurrency Miners and Spyware

From the day when cryptocurrency’s value got the spotlight, the number of greedy people has increased at a high rate. Recently, the Governments in Turkey and Syria have been...   Read More


Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex is acquired by Payments Startup Circle

Circle Internet Financial Ltd. has announced that it is acquiring U.S. based digital token exchange, Poloniex Inc. According to the terms of the agreement, the mobile payments firm...   Read More


Dark Web Crowning the New Sultan of Cryptocurrencies - Litecoin

The Dark web community has always been discussing the rising dissatisfaction with Bitcoin being the payment vehicle regardless of their geographical distribution, spoken language, ...   Read More


Russian Scientists Busted For Mining Cryptocurrency at a Nuclear Research Facility

Mining a single Bitcoin is not a cakewalk; it requires a huge amount of computational power and energy. With the skyrocketing value of cryptocurrency over the past year, people are...   Read More


Bitcoin is seeing its lowest performance so far since 2013

Bitcoin, the decentralized digital currency, fell more than 15 percent on Monday to a nearly three-month low as major British and US banks including Bank of America, J.P. Morg...   Read More


World’s biggest banks bar cryptocurrency transactions with credit cards

Bank of America, J.P Morgan Chase and Citigroup, are saying a big no to Bitcoins purchases done using their credit cards. The three major banks of the USA, each Confirmed to Bloom...   Read More


Film Giant Kodak Joins Cryptocurrency Craze, Launches KodakCoin to Empower Photographers

Shares in photo firm Eastman Kodak soared nearly 120 percent after it revealed plans to mint its own crypto-currency the KodakCoin, BBC reported. The US firm said it was teaming u...   Read More


Is Ripple the Best Thing Now?

From 1.95 dollars to 3.95 dollars in a week, XRP, the token value of Ripple has blown up by nearly 1400 percentage intriguing all the investors. With the craze building up for cryp...   Read More


Prevalent Chrome Extension Discovered To Be Mining Cryptocurrency

Well, it has happened. Chrome extensions are cryptojacking. If you are wondering what is cryptojacking, then it’s secretly using your computer's resources to mine cryptocurrency ...   Read More


South Korean New Regulations on Crypto Currency Could Be a Blow for the Cryptocurrency Market

The world’s third largest market for cryptocurrencies, South Korea, after the U.S. and Japan will suffer after the South Korean government announced new legislation on Thursday, ...   Read More