Google Rolls out AR Walking Feature for Android and iOS

Google has rolled out a new feature called AR walking directions in Google Maps. The beta version, available for both iOS and Android devices, will only support devices with system-level support for A...  Read More





Google Translatotron can translate one language into another directly

Learning a new language can be challenging, especially if someone wants to do it for professional purposes. Language is one of the biggest barriers for the intermingling of peoples...   Read More


Google Unveils a New Payment Method for Android Users

Google has unveiled a new offline payment method for Android users. The new payment method is called “pending transactions”. Now, users can carry out transactions witho...   Read More


Google Showcases Nest Hub Max Smart Display at I/O Developer Conference

Google has showcased something different, apart from smartphones at the I/O developer conference on Tuesday. The search giant unveiled Nest Hub Max. Earlier, the company launched G...   Read More


Google now allows users to auto-delete their app activity, location tracking data, and web history

Google precisely stores all the records of the web, app, and location history unless you clear it manually. Although there have been ways to opt out of this, users might miss out o...   Read More


Google Rolls Out a New Service for Small Businesses in America

Google has introduced a new service for small businesses in America. The company carved out a new virtual customer service phone agent called CallJoy from its new project. CallJoy ...   Read More


Google Assistant for Android and iOS gets “tell me a story” Functionality

Google has rolled out a new feature for the mobile-based Google Assistant just before National Tell a Story Day on April 27.  The new feature is known as “tell me a stor...   Read More


Google Assistant for Home Devices Gets a New Feature

Google unveiled a new feature for Google Assistant. The new feature will let Google home devices to wake users in the morning or make them sleep in the night through a Philips Hue ...   Read More


Google is focusing to Develop Better Robots

Google is looking to implement robots in the real world. The company hasn’t revealed anything much about its robotic initiatives since it said it started to focus on robots f...   Read More


Google Launches Anthos, a Software-based Open Platform

Google has unveiled a new open platform. Dubbed as Anthos, the platform will operate and manage apps from anywhere. Since the platform is based on the cloud, users get a choice to...   Read More


Google unveils advanced form of two-factor authentication process

Google has made an announcement on Wednesday that now users can use their smartphones running on Android 7 or higher versions as a physical security key for two-factor authenticati...   Read More