Google Rolls out AR Walking Feature for Android and iOS

Google has rolled out a new feature called AR walking directions in Google Maps. The beta version, available for both iOS and Android devices, will only support devices with system-level support for A...  Read More





Google’s Verily to make new Smart shoes

Verily, Google’s parent company is seeking partners to manufacture smart shoes.  The company’s aim is to produce shoes which can track weight and also monitor fall...   Read More


Google Hired Micro Workers to Develop Its Project Heaven AI

According to reports, tech behemoth, Google has chosen a gig economy creator to develop an AI program for itself. It is believed that the company has paired with the Pentagon to de...   Read More


Google Maps is launching speed limit and speed trap features to help avoid speeding ticket

All thanks to Google, Drivers will soon have an assistant to guide them to avoid speeding tickets. According to, Google Maps, one of the most used navigation apps...   Read More


Google to Stop Manufacturing Chromecast Audio Dongle

Tech behemoth Google will stop manufacturing its Wi-Fi powered audio streaming dongle-Chromecast audio. The tiny device which is used by users to stream music on their speakers was...   Read More


This AI Surprise Researcher from Google and Stanford University

A Softwarehas surprised researchers from both Google and Stanford University. Recently members from both the bodies worked together to build an ML-based software but thenit cheated...   Read More


US Authorities allows Google to Use Project Soli

Tech behemoth Google has been approved by the FCC (The Federal Communications Commission) to use its new development, i.e. a radar-based motion sensing device. The announcement was...   Read More


Google Launches Its New Spam Protection Feature for Android

Tech Behemoth Google has launched a new feature called the spam protection feature. The new feature is designed for Android smartphones and will allow its users to safeguard their ...   Read More


Google comes with a handy app called Chrome Canvas for quick doodles

Creating Doodles is a massive form of art today. It is great news for all those who love to create doodles as Google has launched a progressive web app for designing quick doodles....   Read More


Google set to pump in $1 billion for its New York City campus

It seems that Silicon Valley in California is growing increasingly insufficient for large tech corporations that are looking to expand their footprint. Some of the largest players ...   Read More


Android users can now make donations through the Google Play Store

The Google Play Store will now allow customers to make charitable donations to non-profit organizations from their Android device. Although it seems a bit odd to use the ...   Read More