Google Rolls out AR Walking Feature for Android and iOS

Google has rolled out a new feature called AR walking directions in Google Maps. The beta version, available for both iOS and Android devices, will only support devices with system-level support for A...  Read More





The World’s first Autonomous Ride Hailing Services is here

Autonomous cars are finally into the action. Google worked on the technology for almost ten years and now the tech giant has launched its self-driving ride-hailing services. The au...   Read More


Google is shutting down its latest messaging app, Allo

It is official now! Google has announced that it is shutting down Allo;it’s yet another not very successful messaging app experiment. The news is not very surprising as ...   Read More


Google’s Chromecast now supports multi-room music playback

Chromecast is a series of digital media players designed and owned by Google. Google has announced an interesting feature in Chromecast’s latest update that allows playing mu...   Read More


Google halts its Contact Lenses Project

Diabetics may have to wait longer, as one of the projects based on the development of glucose –sensing contact lenses have been put on hold by Alphabet (Google’s parent...   Read More


Google Honours Michael Dertouzous, the Man Who Predicted Impact of Internet

Tech giant Google pays honour to Michael Dertouzous, the famous computer scientist from Greece on his 82nd birthday. Through Google doodle, Dertouzos is being sketched with a chalk...   Read More


Google Offers Fund to Universities for AI Research

Tech giant Google is offering funds to universities and various non-profit organizations to carryout research by utilizing AI and other technology to tackle problems. The total amo...   Read More


Google Home Link: A Google App That Every Parent Needs

It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you have a smartphone or PC you can’t avoid Google. Google is everywhere. If you are a parent and planning to get your kid a smar...   Read More


Over Sexual Harassment Allegations:Google Fired 48 Employees

Over the past two years,Google Inc. has fired 48 employees for sexual harassment – in a move to create a women-friendlyworkplace. The company’s Chief Executive Sundar P...   Read More


Google is turning off Android’s Nearby Notifications

Google launched Nearbyin 2015. It is an Android feature that allows phones and tablets to automatically connect with devices and places very close around them and lets them share i...   Read More


Africa debut: Google Maps Introduces Bike Mode in Kenya

Tech giant Google has introduced a new feature called the bike mode in its maps in the African subcontinent. The new mode will start in Kenya and it will be launched later in other...   Read More