Fitbit Inks Deal with Singapore Government to Reach 1 Million Users

Fitbit Inc has inked a deal with the Singapore government as it targets to reach up to one million new users, Reuters reported on Wednesday. The initiative will be carried out by providing fitness tr...  Read More





American Scientists Uses AI to understand crying Patterns among Infants

The new breakthrough by a team of American researchers can now solve the infant cry problem. The researchers devised an AI technique that has the potential to recognize and differe...   Read More


Medivis gets a green signal from FDA for its path breaking Augmented Reality technology

Medivis, a New York-based firm, envisages the futuristic technology like Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize surgical visualization and brings AR to the ...   Read More


Researchers create a new AI System that Can Predict Lung Cancer Faster

A team of researchers led by Dr. Mozziyar Etemadi, an Engineering professor at Northwestern University, America has come up with a new system which is claimed to detect lung cancer...   Read More


Novartis Gets Approval for Its New Drug

Novartis, a Switzerland-based Pharmaceutical company, can now sell its gene therapy drug for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), as it has got approvals from the US. The new drug is bel...   Read More


Future Family is rolling out a new membership plan for fertility coaching

Future Family is a startup that works to improve access to fertility treatments. It aims to make services like IVF and egg freezing affordable and upfront by working with doct...   Read More


Scientists to implement astrophysics technology to improve cancer diagnosis

Innovations in space science often push the boundaries of science and engineering. The very nature of space research attracts some of the brightest minds in science, to improve our...   Read More


A startup that works to detect endometriosis through ‘smart tampons’ raises $9 million in Series A funding

Female-centric startups are finally getting the momentum that was much needed and today, there is no shortage of such femtech startups being funded. As more and more women are bec...   Read More


New prosthetic arm promises proprioceptive capabilities

Losing an arm is extremely traumatic for victims. In addition to being painful, it poses severe physical limitations and ends careers for most people. Prosthetics provide some degr...   Read More


This specific type of fungus can impair the immune system

While healthy people usually are at low risk of getting infected by microorganisms, people with low immunity can find themselves in trouble as a specific type of fungus can potenti...   Read More


Microsoft Introduces a New Service for Healthcare Companies

Microsoft will soon start a new service to boost healthcare companies. The new service is designed to transfer large patient’s data to the cloud and integrate with other rela...   Read More