Fitbit Inks Deal with Singapore Government to Reach 1 Million Users

Fitbit Inc has inked a deal with the Singapore government as it targets to reach up to one million new users, Reuters reported on Wednesday. The initiative will be carried out by providing fitness tr...  Read More





Digital health Solutions LLC Launches Epilepsy Software

Digital Health Solutions LLC, an American health tech startup has launched its software platform. The new software will assist doctors to stop the sudden death risk among epilepsy ...   Read More


It is high time for parents to take screen time of their kids seriously: A recent study finds screen time to hamper toddlers’ development

The tech-savvy generation of today is too much engrossed in their mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. It is high time that people must take cutting down their screen time m...   Read More


Rapid DNA Technology: A New Arsenal Added to the Contra Costa sheriff’s Office

It is always a tough task to identify criminal suspects or victims of major disasters such as fires. In order to make it easy, Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office is plannin...   Read More


Ciitizen Hopes to Transform the Lives of Cancer Patients by Giving Them Control Over Their Health Records, Raises $ 17 Million

Ciitizen, a company with major focus on helping patients organize and share their medical records, has raised $17 million in a new funding round. Sometimes, patients fail to record...   Read More


UrgoNight develops a device that helps people sleep better

A good night’s sleep prepares people for the following day, and those who are unfortunate enough to not have had a proper sleep are often left feeling grumpy, irritable and n...   Read More


HHS releases voluntary guidance for healthcare organizations

The United States Department of Health and Human Services, a cabinet-level department of the U.S. federal governmentreleased a four-volume report, voluntary guidance for healthcare...   Read More


Sleep-tracking ring Oura raises more than $20 million in funding

Oura Health is a sleep-tracking platform that helps in improving the sleep cycle. The company has raised more than $20 million in a funding round. The round wasorganized and led by...   Read More


Bright Health picks up $200 million in latest Series C

Insurance startups are definitely a new fad, with a growing number of them receiving eye-popping sums of money from venture capitalists. One of the most ambitious insurance startup...   Read More


Breakthrough: Indian Scientists Re-Design Anti-Cancer Drug To Make It More Effective

Developing an anti-cancer drug is not a cup of tea and the drugs are generally very toxic and lead to serious health issues among the patients. Few Indian researchers have re-desi...   Read More


Phone Technology That Detects HIV: Developed by Brigham and Women’s Hospital

The Brigham and Women's Hospital was the source of the news. The scientists have designed an affordable and portable mobile diagnostic tool that can be used in a mobile phone which...   Read More