Fitbit Inks Deal with Singapore Government to Reach 1 Million Users

Fitbit Inc has inked a deal with the Singapore government as it targets to reach up to one million new users, Reuters reported on Wednesday. The initiative will be carried out by providing fitness tr...  Read More





Amazon Stretches its Roots to the Healthcare Industry: Hires a Star Cardiologist

We all are aware of the fact that the Health-care sector is a $3 trillion industry with a vast number of players and now Amazon plans on expanding in this sector by tagging a new p...   Read More


The Healthcare Industry of US Incorporates Blockchain Technology

The growth of the healthcare industry is moving to the next phase by implementing Blockchain technology. It is because the healthcare industry had struggled in the past with the ma...   Read More


“Social Media Is an Illness and Will Cause Health Issues”, Says MacManus

Richard MacManus is a tech columnist who is quite famous for analyzing social media illness. According to him the best option for all is to use unfollow and mute buttons. Facebook ...   Read More


Now artificial limbs can adjust according to terrains!

Prosthetic limbs are like modern day canes for handicaps. And their design is getting better and more personalized for helping people with limb defects in a more comfortable walk. ...   Read More


Marijuana-based medicine gets approval from FDA

The use of marijuana as medicine has been criticized largely for years. Marijuana, or cannabis, which is abused for all wrong reasons, is found to have some rare medicinal properti...   Read More


WS80A - The Ultrasound Device Designed by Samsung Shows 3D Images

Samsung has designed a device that showcases three-dimensional images of various organs and of foetuses. This device is developed using ultrasound processing engine by collaboratin...   Read More


Its official, excessive gaming is now a medical disorder

In what could be a worrying development for gamers all around the world, the World Health Organization (WHO) has officially categorized excessive gaming as a medical problem. The t...   Read More


American Healthcare Aya purchases Locums Unlimited

One of the largest and reliable privately held travel nurse and healthcare solutions provider, Aya, has announced the acquisition of Locums Unlimited, a San Diego based staffing fi...   Read More


Chatterbaby – a New App used to detect an Infant’s Crying Pattern

Newly married couples having their first baby undergo many challenges such as identifying the crying pattern of the newly born. For them, Ariana Anderson who is from the David Geff...   Read More


The No-Equipment Cardio Workout

Burning calories is a major task for many and especially with a hectic schedule. A solution for that is the 30-minutes workout routine called “The Drop” created by Brea...   Read More