Total to use IBM’s Supercomputer for Operations

Total, a France-based petroleum refining company, will use IBM’s supercomputer to boost its operations. By deploying the world’s most powerful commercial supercomputer based on IBM POWER9...  Read More





IBM’s new Private Cloud Software platform has been launched

For all those companies which did not want to move into private clouds, this is happy news. IBM has recently announced a new private cloud software platform to create on-premises w...   Read More


IBM issues a cross border system of payment

Many of the emerging companies are focusing on creating efficient new ways to conduct global money transfer and increase their income. This can be the driving factor for IBM’...   Read More


Walgreens partners with IBM for better data analytic reviews

The second-largest pharmacy store chain Walgreens of the United States is forming a new alliance with IBM in rendering better analytic services in its retail industry. With the dat...   Read More


MIT joined hands with IBM on a $240 million deal and is all set to rule the AI world

MIT-IBM is one of the most remunerative partnerships ever between a corporation and a university. IBM is teaming up with MIT to engage in 10 years of ‘Fundamentals of Artific...   Read More


IBM and SAP ally to enhance forecast accuracy

IBM and SAP have unveiled an all-new retail solution to aid forecast accuracy utilising real-time data from various sources. This solution intends to address primary challenges of ...   Read More


HSBC joins IBM to develop cognitive intelligence to eliminate language barrier

The world’s leading trade finance bank, HSBC is planning to work with IBM to develop an innovative cognitive intelligence solution that combines optical character recognition...   Read More


IBM undertakes a major step in contributing towards Climate and Environmental Research

In the current news space, climate change has acquired a major coverage both in traditional and digital medium. In align to the climate situation; IBM is stimulating the global sci...   Read More


New York Genome Center and IBM Study Indicates Potential for AI and Whole Genome Sequencing To Scale Access to Personalized Medicine

In a recent study published in the issue of Neurology® Genetics, an official journal of the American Academy of Neurology, researchers at the New York Genom...   Read More


IBM supports Australian datacenters to share cloud data across multiple platforms

No doubt the technology is getting cloudy each day and new apps are being developed by the programmers.  There are immense possibilities to manage the available apps within th...   Read More


Bravo! Dr Heike Riel

Dr Heike Riel, an IBM Fellow and executive director was recognized for EDITION F "25 Women Award" in Germany.  . Now what is IBM Fellow? It is a way to promote creativity...   Read More