New Processor for IoT security: NXP Semiconductors and Microsoft Join Hands

NXP Semiconductors N.V., a Netherlands- based semiconductor manufacturer, has made an announcement that it is joining hands with Microsoft Corp.. The partnership will pave the way for N.V. to introduc...  Read More





Kuwait International Airport Use Microsoft Azure to Improve Efficiency

Kuwait International Airport and Microsoft have announced a partnership, in which the software giant’s Azure Cloud solutions will be used by Kuwait International Airport to m...   Read More


Reports: China Blocks Microsoft’s search Engine Bing

According to reports, Bing, Microsoft’s search engine has been blocked in China. The news came after some users within the country reported that they were not able to access ...   Read More


Microsoft to open Asia’s Largest AI and IoT Lab in China

Microsoft will open Asia’s largest AI and IoT lab in China in April this year. The collaborative effort between the software behemoth and the local district government will a...   Read More


Satya Nadella considered the best CEO

For the longest time, CEOs of large technology corporations have been hailed as titans of industries, visionary mavericks who direct the pace of technological progress and steer in...   Read More


Microsoft to Launch an “Intelligent Collaborative Programme” in India

Microsoft will start an “Intelligent Collaborative Programme” in India for a period of three years. The move by the software giant will empower institutes across the co...   Read More


Return of the king: Microsoft is now the most valuable company

Microsoft has now officially regained its crown as the world’s most valuable company, surging past Apple with an astounding market capitalization of $851.2 billion. This valu...   Read More


Microsoft to give complete access of its tech to the military

At a time when many of the famous brands in technology seem to be having qualms about working with the United States military, Microsoft holds no such reservations. Brad Smith, the...   Read More


Microsoft is awarded $480 million contract to supply the US Army with HoloLens

Microsoft has been awarded a $480 million contract by the US Army. According to the contract, Microsoft has to supply the military branch with approx. 100,000 HoloLens. HoloLens is...   Read More


Microsoft all set to become the most valuable company

Apple may very well be forced to give up its coveted crown of being the most valuable company, with Microsoft hot on its heels. While Apple has struggled with sales and faced growi...   Read More


Toyota Adopts Microsoft’s Augmented-reality Headset HoloLens to Build Cars Faster

Augmented-reality headset HoloLens, introduced by Microsoft nearly four years ago, gains traction among carmakers such as Toyota. The carmaker is hoping such headsets can improve e...   Read More