New Processor for IoT security: NXP Semiconductors and Microsoft Join Hands

NXP Semiconductors N.V., a Netherlands- based semiconductor manufacturer, has made an announcement that it is joining hands with Microsoft Corp.. The partnership will pave the way for N.V. to introduc...  Read More





Microsoft unveils new professional features in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft will roll out a suite of new features for the anniversary of its team collaboration software, Microsoft Teams. The features will be added to the software throughout 2018 ...   Read More


Windows developers can now bring their AI models in the cloud to the desktop

Microsoft has recently declared its AI Platform that will help Windows developers to bring the machine learning models trained in the cloud to desktop apps. The new set of tools in...   Read More


Microsoft to make Azure Stack more appealing to local and federal agencies

Recently, Microsoft announced that it will soon let government clients run its cloud technology on their private servers by integrating Azure Stack, its hybrid cloud platform, with...   Read More


Microsoft is using blockchain technology to develop decentralized digital identities

Microsoft plans to work on creating an identity management platform for users by using blockchain technology and its principles of decentralization. This would enable users to own ...   Read More


“Do Not Disturb,” said Microsoft’s Xbox One

Finally, the wait is over for Xbox One lovers. The sultan of computing, Microsoft is rolling out an update for the 4-years-old Xbox One, which already existed on its predecessor, t...   Read More


Microsoft is finally releasing its much-hyped Timeline feature in the Windows 10 test build

Microsoft is rolling out a new feature to Windows 10 called Timeline. The software giant had announced about this new update seven months back, and now it is finally available to t...   Read More


HoloTouch Is In a Warpath with the Tech Giant Microsoft

Mixed reality brings people, places, and objects from your physical and digital worlds together. This blended environment becomes your canvas, where you can create and enjoy a wide...   Read More


Microsoft and The Chainsmokers release a special-edition Xbox One - a new Xbox in town!

Microsoft and The Chainsmokers have unveiled a new special-edition Xbox One S as a part of an initiative that caters to Xbox One S consoles in collaboration with renowned brands an...   Read More


Microsoft and Facebook have announced Open Neural Network Exchange

Microsoft and Facebook have announced a new open source project today that’s aimed at creating a shared representation for neural networks across different pro...   Read More


Windows 10 Fall Creators Update releases on October 17th and brings in the first taste of Windows Mixed Reality

Windows announced in IFA, Berlin that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will be dispatched on 17th October. This update will also see the first installment of Windows Mixed Reali...   Read More