Walmart sues Tesla for fire caused by solar panels

Retail giant Walmart sued Tesla over malfunctioning of solar panels. According to the lawsuit Walmart cited that year of negligence and failing to maintain industry standards by Tesla was the primary ...  Read More





Starbucks Pumps $100million into Valor Siren Ventures

Starbucks has pumped $100 million into Valor Siren Ventures, a US-based venture capitalist. The new investment marks the first of its kind for Starbucks. The venture capitalist wil...   Read More


Instagram Introduces New Shopping feature For US Users

Instagram has launched a new shopping feature for the US users on Tuesday, the Reuters reported. The new feature will now allow users to buy products from the photo-sharing platfor...   Read More


Amazon is planning to open a grocery store chain separate from Whole Foods

Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace is planning to launch a new chain of retail stores in the major cities of the US. The Wall Street Journal reports that these st...   Read More


Waitrose & Partners to Introduce Energy Saving Technology

British supermarket company, Waitrose & Partners has deployed a power-efficient technology in its stores. The stores will be equipped with shelf edge making them more energy ef...   Read More


Raspberry Pi inaugurates its first physical retail store

One of the most popular makers of miniature computers, Raspberry Pi has opened its first ever physical store in Cambridge, UK. Earlier, if anyone wanted to buy a Raspberry Pi, it c...   Read More


Amazon’s New Service Will Prevent Stealing

Amazon will start delivering packages inside the customer’s garage to prevent stealing. Recently, in the US, the company partnered with New Jersey state police authorities to...   Read More


Innovative Partnership: Microsoft and Kroger to Help Grocery Retailers through a New Technology

As per reports, Software giant Microsoft and Kroger, the American grocery chain have entered into an innovative partnership. Both the companies will develop a technology which will...   Read More


Suning will Showcase Its AI-based Innovations at CES 2019

The use of AI technology is increasing in the retail sector as retailers are looking for fast results. A Chinese omnichannel retailer, Suning will unveil its cutting-edge AI-based ...   Read More


American Keto Cookie Startup Fat Snax Forays Into Retail

American food startup Fat Snax is kicking off a major retail launch. The startup is not even 2 years old and has collaborated with The Vitamin Shoppe, nutritional supplements retai...   Read More


Amazon is reportedly scaling up its cashier-less technology in larger stores

As per the report published in The Wall Street Journal, Amazon is trying to scale-up its cashier-less stores. The company is reportedly testing its technology in the larger stores....   Read More