Next-Gen Thing: European Researchers are working on Self-Repairing Robots

A team of researchers from the Free University of Brussels and the University of Cambridge is working on new development to create “self-healing” robots that can sense pain or damage and afterward...  Read More





Special claws enable drones top perch like birds and conserve battery

Drones have found numerous applications among the military as well as civilians. They are useful for surveying properties, carrying tiny cargo, aerial videography, and photography,...   Read More


Meet the New Cloud-Based Humanoid Service Robot XR-1

CloudMinds, a Chinese company that builds cloud-based systems for intelligent robots has unveiled a new robot. The humanoid service robot is dubbed as XR-1. The company states tha...   Read More


FedEx to Test last-mile Delivery Robot for its Partners

FedEx, an American courier company intends to conduct trials on a robot which is created for home delivery services for its partners, reported Reuters. The company’s partners...   Read More


MIT Researchers Creates a New System to Help Robots

A team of researchers from MIT have created a system to help robots in tracking down moving objects more accurately in an efficient manner. To do that, the researchers used RFID ta...   Read More


SoftBank pumps a staggering $940 million into autonomous delivery startup Nuro

It would seem as though that any product or service with the word autonomous in it gets heads turning. Autonomous vehicles have grabbed the attention of many of the large venture c...   Read More


Amazon reveals that it acquired Dispatch

Amazon, the e-commerce behemoth made headlines earlier this month when it unveiled its automated electric delivery robot named Scout. Running on six wheels and powered by an electr...   Read More


Researchers develop New Perception System for Soft Robotics

A team of researchers from Bioinspired Robotics and Design Lab at UC San Diego have created a new perception system exclusively for soft robots. Theycame up with an ideafrom the wa...   Read More


Italian Scientists Develop a New Robot Which Can Move Like Plant Tendrils

Scientists from Italy have developed a soft robot which has the capability to curl and move like a plant tendril. The new advanced robot could transform the world of the wearable d...   Read More


Sodexo and Starship Rolls Out a Robotic Food Delivery Service in George Mason University

Sodexo, the France-based Hospitality Company and Starship Technologies, a robotic vehicle maker has jointly rolled an on-demand-food delivery services via robots at George Mason Un...   Read More


CES 2019: LG Shows Updated Workplace Robots

CES 2019 has a number of showcases and one of them is by the LG Electronics. It will be showing the enhancements to its workplace robotics line. An updated version of its wearable ...   Read More