UR Unveiled New Cobot In The CIIF Tradeshow

Universal Robots displayed a new collaborative robot that can lift 35-pound payloads at the China International Industry Fair (CIIF) trade show. The innovation may not seem significant but it predicts...  Read More





CES 2019: LG Shows Updated Workplace Robots

CES 2019 has a number of showcases and one of them is by the LG Electronics. It will be showing the enhancements to its workplace robotics line. An updated version of its wearable ...   Read More


PepsiCo is rolling out a fleet of robots to provide snacks on the go for the college students in California

PepsiCo made an announcement that it is going to launch snack-carrying robots to provide snacks on the go for the students of the University of the Pacific in California. The robot...   Read More


RightHand Robotics Raises Fresh Funds for Boosting Company’s Profile

RightHand Robotics, a company that specializes in delivering solutions based on integrated robotic piece picking hasraised $23M in a series B funding round. The funding round was ...   Read More


Meet Milo, the Humanoid Robot That Helps Children with Autism

There is a Robotic company called RoboKind which has designed a humanoid robot exclusively for children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorders. Dubbed as Milo, when it speaks, ic...   Read More


Amazon’s Scale Model Self-driving Car to Teach Developers ML

The new invention by Amazon will help developers to understand ML (Machine learning) better. This week, the company launched AWS DeepRacer, a self-driving 1/18th-scale race car. Th...   Read More


Amazon’s AWS Launches a New Platform for the Development of Robots has made an announcement that its subsidiary AWS has rolled out a new development platform for creating robotics software. The announcement was made public on Monday. D...   Read More


Scientists Develop an Electronic Glove that can give robots a Human-like Sense of Touch

What if a Robot’s hand could sense as humans do? Now, this may turn out to be true in the near future as a team of scientists from Stanford University have created a sensor-b...   Read More


Meet the Child Robot, Affetto, Who Can Make Realistic Facial Expressions

A team of researchers from Osaka University, Japan created a child robot back in 2011. In the course of time, the robot has been modified, and now, the researchers aim to make it m...   Read More


Engineers develop tiny insect-like drones that can pull more than their weight

When people think of a drone today, the picture that comes to mind is that of a military drone hovering overhead, ready to snap pictures of unsuspecting people down below or prepar...   Read More


Terminator Style Robots: British Army uses it to find hidden enemies

The Army of British is currently developing Terminator style artificial intelligence. These robots are created in order to track and find hidden enemies on the battlefield. This ar...   Read More