Unpleasant iPhone Malware Detected by Google

Days after Apple announced the annual release date of its new products; a Google study detected a serious security breach in Apple’s iPhone. A malicious bug that is present in the device raids t...  Read More





Twitter accounts at stake with leakage of 32 million Twitter passwords

Happens to be a major leak till now, Twitter accounts are at stake. Reports claim that around 32 million Twitter accounts have been compromised. The incident and the news comes fro...   Read More


Microsoft launches its Cyber Security Engagement Center (CSEC) in India with an aim to fight cybercrime

Tech giant Microsoft has announced the opening of its Cyber Security Engagement Center (CSEC) in Gurgaon, India. The much awaited and acclaimed center aims to drive public-private ...   Read More


Microsoft Cyber Security in Attention Mode

Microsoft has announced plans to crack down on terrorist content, perhaps in response to the Obama administration’s intense effort to get Silicon Valley’s help in preve...   Read More


Volotea choose Ideagen’s Q-Pulse software to enhance aviation safety management

Aviation safety management specialists, Ideagen is to provide Volotea, the airline of mid and small-sized European cities, with its safety management software, Q-Pulse. Volotea wi...   Read More


The UK’s Mobile Banking Tightrope: 98% of British Consumers are Happy with their Mobile Banking Service

But Nearly 1 in 3 Would Consider Changing Banks After a Bad Mobile Experience  A consumer survey conducted by leading mobile commerce analyst firm Juniper Research has f...   Read More


Pirate Bay is now an outlaw; blocked by all top search engines

Users of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox who visited popular torrent site The Pirate Bay recently were greeted with a malware warning, just like the one Kickass Torrents visitors...   Read More


No Worries! Mobile Apps are Now Secured

If you are an avid WhatsApp user, you surely noticed the recent encryption disclaimer following one of your recently sent messages. But what does this notification actual...   Read More


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg attacks Donald Trump’s rhetoric

Mark Zuckerberg has launched an implicit attack on Donald Trump, sharply criticising the Republican presidential front-runner’s rhetoric on immigration and trade by citing &l...   Read More


Researchers say that attackers could use holes in Firefox add-ons to target your PC

Researchers from Northwestern University discover how an attacker could write a malicious Firefox add-on that takes advantage of security holes in other Firefox add-ons to do its b...   Read More


Korean government announces a new policy to accelerate cloud computing in the country

Speaking at a cloud computing conference in Korea, the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning have announced that it will be running a number of initiatives to increase the a...   Read More