Technology Expansion: Naspers Invests 4.6 Billion South African Rand on Startups

For the next three years, Naspers has declared that it will invest around 4.5 Billion on startups for technological expansion. Naspers Foundry – is the initiative’s name that is aiming to ...  Read More





Monzo Bank: The new money transfer feature is here

There is good news for the people living in the UK. A lot of startups have been functioning in the country but here is Monzo, the challenger bank company has introduced a new featu...   Read More


Events you must attend if you are a wannabe entrepreneur this January

With more than 6000 start-ups coming up in two years and also with the encouragement of the government, we have seen many people starting their own companies and becoming their own...   Read More


RoboWaiter, a new startup is looking to replace waiters/waitresses with their robots and app

Ordering food can be hectic sometimes: the food might be lately received or the waiter might bring in the wrong dishes. With adequate developers, designer and a robotic expert, Rob...   Read More


Google cloud is hosting Machine Learning competition for Startup!

Startups get ready to experience Google’s machine learning competition, Google cloud headed forward to make an agreement to launch machine learning competition with Data scie...   Read More


Ford makes Detroit’s Biggest Investment with a $1Million into a startup

Ford has made an investment of $1 Million in the self driving technology which is the biggest one so far in the history of Detroit’s.  Thereby they are given a share in ...   Read More


Mark Moore a well-known NASA engineer is heading to develop flying cars for Uber

Uber hired Mark Moore as their engineer for aviation, Mark Moore severed   30 years at U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  Moore is taking on a new ...   Read More


Why not give a try to Tandem, all you language newbies’?

Wanna learn languages from different countries here is a platform for you to explore! Baffled as to what is signaled here...! Catch us for more…. Well, there is an applicat...   Read More


Microsoft joins Maluuba a startup, to focus on Artificial Intelligence.

Microsoft acquires Maluuba to continue in investing for growing artificial intelligence in Canada. Maluuba’s vision is to solve ‘Artificial General Intelligence’ ...   Read More


Google choose 7 Indian startups to join Launchpad Accelerator programme to be held at San Francisco

Tech giant Google recently selected seven startups from India that will join the third class of its Launchpad Accelerator programme. The shortlisted startups from India include an ...   Read More


Facebook obtained a facial image analysis startup FacioMetrics

The social networking giant Facebook has acquired a facial image analysis firm FacioMetrics as it tries to give users new features to add special effects to photos and videos. The ...   Read More