T-Mobile to launch 5G Network in 6 US cities this month

T-Mobile, a German telecom company, will launch its 5G network in The US on June 28. Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G smartphone will support the 5G network across New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas,...  Read More





Chinese man ended up in jail for selling VPNs

Making money through internet is one of the easiest jobs to be done, but in China, it is not. A 26 year old man got caught for selling VPN software online. The man was using his ow...   Read More


Teralytics wants teleco’s big data to provide seamless Uber and Lyft connectivity

Atomico-backed European startup, Teralytics, is testing out its big data opportunity. It has built a platform selling analytics services to customers such as agencies and...   Read More


Intel to update 5G testing equipment to meet the new 5G NR standards

The tech giant, Intel Corp. said on Thursday that it was updating 5G equipments which will allow telecom companies like AT&T Inc and Verizon Communication Inc to run trails based o...   Read More


Cisco starts field trials for its Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Virtual Edge

Cisco announced its intentions of kicking off its field trials for its Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Virtual Edge. The company plans to introduce ACI to the cloud vendor...   Read More


Liquid Telecom partners with Microsoft to sell Cloud Solutions

Liquid Telecom, the African Telecom group has partnered with Microsoft to sell its cloud solutions directly to its customers across Africa. This partnership will work through its M...   Read More


Telecom giants Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba invest a whopping $12 Billion in China Unicom

China Unicom, the country’s second largest telecom operator, has signed a deal with several leading technology brands- Tencent, Baidu, and Alibaba with an investment of $12 b...   Read More


Samsung showers surprises at Mobile World Congress

At the Mobile World Congress event held in Barcelona, Samsung announced the launch of commercial 5G network products next year with pre-commercial testing already set up in Korea, ...   Read More


Satya Nadella launches 'Skype Lite' app with Aadhaar support

Satya Nadella, CEO of tech giant Microsoft recently made an announcement about the integration of Skype and Aadhaar to begin the 'Skype Lite'. Pertinent for low speed mobile intern...   Read More


Verizon as a reply, introduced unlimited data plan with good video streaming quality

Verizon has developed an unlimited wireless data plan which begins at $80 per month which at the end made up to be the members of other industries. Verizon, at the end of last year...   Read More


Amazon Echo and Google Home may soon introduce voice calls

Wall Street Journal reported that tech giants Amazon and Google will bring voice call facilities to their respective smart home speakers in the near future. If the companies’...   Read More