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NexxCom Wireless: Ensuring best performance through the ‘In-the-sky’ approach …..

Entering its 5th year of business, NexxCom Wireless always strives to be on the forefront of new technology, whether driving its development or working with a partner to drive and mold its creation.

Encorporated in 2011, NexxCom Wireless is a turnkey provider of high performance broadband wireless networks and communication services. Their solutions leverage NexxCom proprietary radios, design rules and provisioning techniques to power ultra broadband, lowest latency, and highest availability networks. NexxCom takes the “wireless out of wireless” by handing their customers a physical layer, wired or fiber optic handoff from the wireless network that is indistinguishable from an actual wire or fiber optic system. Their “wire-in-the-sky” approach ensures the best performance and plug-and-play interoperability with incumbent networks.

NexxCom have positioned themselves as a subject matter expert and thought leader in the domain of ultra high performance wireless and hybrid wireless/fiber optic communication systems. Its management team, with more than 100 years’ of combined experience developing cutting edge wireless technology and intellectual property, developing spectrum policy usage rules with global regulators, and designing/delivering high performance wireless systems globally made this the mission of NexxCom upon its inception. Collectively, NexxCom’s team has delivered more than one million miles of wireless networks worldwide.

They create difference from their contemporaries by providing a combination of carrier heritage, radio development capability, systems integration skill set and culture driven by subject matter expertise, thought leadership and customer focus. They recently got another feather in their hat when the company has been shortlisted for 20 Most Promising Wireless Services according to CIO Review.

Headquartered in La Jolla, CA, NexxCom holds offices in New Jersey, and London, UK and support teams throughout North America and Europe.

NexxCom offers following applications and solutions:
NexxCom delivers spec based communications services that solve issues in specialty markets. Let’s have a closer look:


  • Provides network diversity via wireless solutions in concert with wire-line providers and data centers.
  • Tailored network solutions, both technically and economically to solve specific diversity needs.
  • Wireless suite of solutions for alternate access, route diversity and rapidly deployable technology.

325 Hudson and NexxCom Wireless announced Manhattan’s first carrier neutral wireless Meet Me Room. In conjunction with the mid-2013 launch of 325 Hudson’s new 9th floor wired Meet Me Room, NexxCom demonstrated the substantial opportunity for wireless connectivity from the roof.

A network operations center (NOC) is a central location from which network administrators manage, control and monitor one or more networks.

Certified NexxCom engineers monitor customers’ services and the status of NexxCom’s and partner services. The NOC is a 24x7x365 operation and can be tailored to customer needs. When an engineer observes an issue, customers are proactively notified and supported through the problem to resolution.


  • As a partner, not competitor with major wire-line service providers, NexxCom extends carrier networks to new customers and evolving needs
  • OSI Layer 1/2 wireless technology creates plug & play with incumbent networks with fiber-like speed and availability.


  • Provided medium diversity for fiber providers and data centers to get around hot spots.
  • Portable communication platforms, 100% contained for power, IT and backhaul for rapid and temporary bandwidth to affected areas.


  • Proven and proprietary design methodology provides latency to the asymptote of speed of light over the geodesic between two stations.
  • OSI Layer 1Ethernet standard radio technology with best in class signal to noise and highest power to ensure lowest latency with highest service availability
  • Proprietary facilities development and network integration techniques to optimize network path to traverse the geodesic.

NexxCom Fast & Powerful Engines
NexxCom views radio technology as the engines that power their networks and depending on the application/requirement, use the best tool for the solution.

Their carrier, enterprise, financial and government sector clients demand a unique mix of ultra-low latency, ultra broadband capacities and carrier class availability. NexxCom employs the widest range of radio engines ranging providing the best toolkit for problem solving. NexxCom in effect operates from Formula 1 sport cars to highly reliable buses and can even make the Indy car reliable.


  • SkyDATA L1 Microwave
  • SkyMAX Millimeter Wave


  • SkyDATA Microwave

Taking Care of the Clientele’s needs
NexxCom Wireless provides remarkable services to world’s biggest carriers, most prestigious stock exchanges, government agencies, and very unique specialty financial trading firms and banks who had needs and simply couldn’t solve them without NexxCom ingenuity. In past five years they have attained best in class accomplishments for the high performance needs of each of these market verticals building a solid reputation. They have never missed a spec in these years and most customers have purchased more than one solution from them, crafting a pretty good barometer of trust and poise. In coming years they are focusing on extending their success with several new network builds underway. They are also continuing to develop their carrier, datacenter and other application where data density is more important than latency and have made a few announcements of activities in this domain in recent months.

Milestones to Attain
Already occupying a remarkable footprint including Europe and North America, NexxCom is planning to extent its footprint to the APAC, Nordic and eastern European regions by the beginning of 2016. On the technical front, they are continuing to develop core radio technologies that will geometrically increase the capabilities of their networks and services. On the business front, NexxCom continues to develop partnerships with fiber providers, data distribution centers and other wire-line business partners as they see the Wireless – Fiber friendship a necessity.

Sal S. Benti, Chairman & Founder
Founder At NexxCom, Sal’s focus is corporate and business development, strategy and finance. Sal has been in the wireless industry since 1975 and has spent 20 years in the domestic and international communications satellite industry, managing global teams. In 1998, he transitioned to terrestrial wireless and has been in the forefront of introducing new wireless systems and semi-conductor technologies and services, as a senior executive and board member. As an entrepreneur, he has raised more than $50 million in equity and debt and has led geometric growth at the C-level to more than $2 billion.

S. Jay Lawrence, Chief Executive Officer
At NexxCom, Jay focuses on technology strategy and daily operations. Jay has over 20 years of high tech communication experience, with a background in robotics, semiconductors, software/firmware and wireless from spread spectrum to 100GHz. Being one of the first executives in the millimeter wave space, Jay has restructured and raised over $100 million in debt and equity instruments and is the principal author of several of NexxCom’s patents.