August Edition 2021

5 Best Cyber Security Startups to Watch 2021

Company Management Description
Idan Cohen, CEO & Co-founder
Ysrael Gurt, CTO & Co-founder
Reflectiz provides an advanced website security solution, allowing organizations to stay protected against breaches like - client-side attacks, data leakages and privacy violations, caused by embedded third-party code on their websites.
Charles Clark , CEO Founded by former military and intelligence professionals, Darkbeam provides a unified solution to protect against security, brand and compliance risks across your digital infrastructure.
Perimeter 81
Amit Bareket, CEO Since its founding, Perimeter 81 has quickly gained traction in the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Network as a Service market, and is transforming the way companies consume cyber and network security.
Karthik Kannan, CEO & founder Anvilogic provides a unifying experience for security professionals aimed at providing improved visibility, enrichment, and context across hundreds of alerting datasets and security tools to enhance the ability to assess, detect and respond using existing technology & data.
Guru Pai, CEO & Co-founder Founded on a vision to improve the outdated approach to data security, Privafy helps mobile service providers, IoT manufactures , and enterprises redefine the way they protect Data-in-Motion.