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A game changer: Grapevine6 Finds and Curates Timely, Trusted Third-Party Content That Works for Brand and Its Audience


Grapevine6 is a team of curious entrepreneurs and engineers who fundamentally believe that sharing information solves problems and builds relationships. So it has developed the technology to find and filter the most timely, relevant information from around the world, and make it personalized, trusted and shareable. The company gives its clients what they need to connect with their audiences, start conversations and thrive in the social world.

When Grapevine6 first started its journey building technology for the still-emerging World Wide Web, it learned how important client relationships are. Then it joined with one of Canada's leading digital advertising agencies and learned to master the art of building those relationships. Now, it has brought those vital lessons to Grapevine6, the next step in its journey to the edge of what's possible with technology.

The clients are individuals, professionals, and businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to leading Canadian and international enterprises. Each brings their own unique goals and challenges, but all share its vision for harnessing the power of information to bridge gaps, build partnerships and win business.

Like its clients, Grapevine6’s team also each brings their own unique set of skills and knowledge – from software architecture and user experience technologies to unrivaled client relationship and project management. Winners of numerous Canadian and international marketing awards, including Best of the Best awards from Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide Globe Awards and the Canadian Marketing Association and Cannes Gold Lion awards, the team is all about being creative, flexible and easy to do business with.

Digital Selling Powered By G6

Grapevine6 is a game changer for anyone looking to make new contacts, create a unique and authentic voice, and build deeper and richer relationships. With Grapevine6's personalized digital content platform, you can connect with your audience in new and powerful ways – online, on mobile or in person. 

Grapevine6 searches thousands of articles from thousands of sources – around the clock and around the world – so you have the most relevant and reliable content ready to use. You don't have to find it – it finds you. You just pick and post the best articles to complement your own personal, professional or corporate content, and that's it! Just a few clicks and a few minutes a week and you'll take customer connections to a whole new level of value.

Content That Counts

Advanced artificial intelligence and automatic scheduling lets you work smarter, get more done and open more doors to people that matter. Grapevine6 analyzes your personal digital profile – your interests and what you've posted for your audience in the past – then picks the best content on the web based on that profile. You choose which of the selected articles to share, and they're automatically posted to your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook account at the right time. Or you can share them one-to-one with those you really want to wow. 

Leads that get somewhere

Grapevine6 scans thousands of articles for money-in-motion news and events that involve high-net-worth individuals and turns that information into targeted revenue opportunities just for you. A quick prompt and debrief from Grapevine6 and you've got what you need to take action and change a cold-call into a content-rich contact. 


“Grapevine6 is an incredible tool for understanding and proactively managing my digital and social brand. When I first started using it I was surprised to learn what my brand consisted of and appreciated the ability to change my messaging using timely and relevant content delivered by the platform. The ability to do this for my personal and professional brand, as well as for my business, is a game changer. Add access to content in multiple languages and I'm able to share valuable content with prospects and clients across the globe. Less than 5-minutes a day on the mobile app is all I need to keep my digital presence current, meaningful and growing!”

  • Ray Adamson, President, Adamson Advisory Group Ltd.

The Chief

Wayne Gomes, Chief Executive Officer: Wayne leads the client relationship management. A seasoned veteran in building those relationships, Wayne is always a steward of the user; he is continuously inspired by clients to take the product to another level. He works hard to listen to clients and deliver that message back to the team, bridging it with every aspect of the business. Prior to co-founding Grapevine6, Wayne founded the Rich Internet Group, where he was CTO and Managing Director.

“It pays to be different, especially when that difference creates value for customers and your business. With Grapevine6, connect with confidence and create conversations that go deep and get attention – online, on mobile or in person. We are not just your ordinary digital tool.”