10 Fastest Growing Software Companies 2016

A Leading Boutique Systems Integration Company: Maantic, Inc.


“We are dedicated to the cost-effective delivery of integrated IT solutions that achieve outstanding business success.”

Maantic is a global strategy and leading system integration firm which specializes in implementation and building rules-driven process applications to automate workflow and ensure repeatable success. In addition, the company’s expertise in business architecture, program management and structured agile-BPM delivery methodology, leveraging the benefits of PEGA best practices and Scrum development methodologies, empower clients with streamlined business processes. With global clients and worldwide operations, Maantic specializes in the implementation of business applications, including BPM, CRM, MDM, ERP, and BI.

Maantic’s core differentiator is its philosophy of “Partnership through Enablement”. It focuses on ensuring that its clients are enabled as the company partners with them to deliver solutions. This model, of focusing on customer success rather than increasing the billing opportunities, has helped Maantic build a long-term relationship and trust with its clients. Through its unique offering, acumen for business strategies, core values, risk assessment and mitigation, market segmentation and pricing model, Maantic identifies itself as a key differentiator and stays competitive.

The company’s mature digital strategies are significant differentiators in today’s digital savvy market place. Access, Agility, Winning Attitude & Attention from the best team, core values, business strategy, risk assessment and mitigation, market segment and pricing model, are the factors that differentiate Maantic from others

Motivation behind Foundation
Prior to the inception of Maantic, Harry Iyer, founder and CEO, worked for offshore companies like Cognizant and Mindtree. He has over 20 years of demonstrated experience selling Financial & IT services and Account Management skills with Fortune 500 and software product companies. With such vast experience, Harry envisioned starting up a company that focuses on the following:

  • Keep an eye on the new technology trends in the market
  • Identify a niche technology, hire the right people, stay focused on core values
  • Encourage a collaborative environment
  • Don’t be afraid to differ.

He found BPM and CRM to be the most promising areas that supported his strategic vision. Maantic was born in 2009. Since its inception Harry, has been instrumental in leading the company’s growth efforts. Harry focuses on Business Development and building the relationship with software product companies like Pegasystems, Salesforce and Informatica.

In the past two decades, the public and private sectors have shown heightened keenness to business processes, a change in the whole outlook of the existing processes to align business operations and overheads effectively together with cost savings. A strategy and solutions integration firm, Maantic Inc. ever since its inception in 2009, has been instrumental in providing strategic vision, building relationships with clients/partners.

Addressing the pain points, today, a staggering number of organizations struggle to appraise the business value of their IT projects or initiatives. It requires a disciplined BPM approach that will empower organizations to understand their business processes and define clear measurable business outcomes.

Maantic has followed a structured approach and works with its clients to identify process improvement initiatives. Maantic has helped its clients perform detailed business value analysis and build a multi-year roadmap. Maantic establishes a strategic partnership with its clients, when helping them in their BPM and CRM initiatives and also constantly monitors the ROI on these initiatives

Range of Services
Maantic’s dedicated BPM and CRM practice offers a complete portfolio of BPM and CRM Services, technologies, industry solutions, assessment tools. Their BPM and CRM service offerings cover a variety of business requirements ranging from process modeling to consulting services to vertical and horizontal frameworks and application lifecycle services.

Pega Service Portfolio: Includes working closely with Pegasystems® and other Pega clients for:

  • Implementation of solutions based on Pegasystems’ Solution Frameworks, including Smart Dispute, Smart Investigate, Customer Service, SPM, NBA, Healthcare Claims Repair and Healthcare Payer frameworks.
  • Design, build and deploy applications using the PRPC platform, including rationalization of components to maximize code reuse.
  • Upgrade existing PRPC-based applications to new PRPC versions, ensuring compliance with best practices and leveraging new platform capabilities
  • Building Center of Excellence
  • Enablement of clients Internal resources

Salesforce Portfolio

  • Includes discovery, mapping and modeling of sales or support business processes.
  • Early prototyping of new processes in
  • Customization in and migrating to
  • Migration to from legacy on premise systems and integration with other core systems

End-To-End implementation: Provides business process consulting, streamlining Sales and Service cycles of Business by mapping it with appropriate services and customizations with Sales cloud, Service cloud. Etc.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing: Maantic offers a thorough and integrated suite of Business Intelligence consulting and development services that turn this vast amount of data into insight which results in improved productivity and sales. The need for such services is immense, yet most firms’ information technology leaders will readily admit that there is much room for improved data management.

Success story of a happy client
Maantic helped a large financial institution to replace their existing call center platform by leveraging Pega’s Customer Process Manager (CPM) Framework. The company’s execution expertise over all aspects of Pega technology enabled the client to gain increased customer service and lowered costs. Maantic was involved in providing the roadmap and strategy for this project.

A solar energy company wanted to handle over 10,000 leads per quarter, hence needed to implement an automated lead qualification process. Maantic partnered with this client to design, architect and implement an integrated “Call Center and Lead Qualification” solution. Maantic with its philosophy of Partnership through Enablement ensures that its clients are enabled as the company partners with them to deliver the solution. “This model, of focusing on customer success rather than increasing the billing opportunities, has helped us build a long-term relationship and trust with our clients.”

In yet another instance, a leading healthcare payer organization who wanted to improve their client set-up and revenue recognition process capitalized on Maantic’s services to automate their entire business processes. With the help of Pega application and HC frameworks, Maantic helped the client to plan, define business outcomes and implement a real-time interface for SaaS quoting and contracting applications. This interface coupled with rules based validation and auditing enabled the client to automate 70 percent of their standard business operations, and reduce lead time for revenue recognition by 40 percent.

The Future Sight
For the years ahead, the company plans to focus on mid-cap companies and partner with them for building a process improvement roadmap, and delivering successful business outcomes for them.
Maantic plans to focus on Business Transformation, Globalization, Creativity and Innovation. Maantic realizes that to maintain competitive edge, the need is to change with the speed of business. It understands future needs of Businesses and thus focusing on Business process consulting as a niche area. Keeping abreast of the current marketing trends, it is in the process of defining the framework to map the process improvement plans to the overall organization’s digital strategy. Maantic also plans to build a top team, which will collaboratively work with their clients to help them leverage latest emerging trends in technology and drive their business ahead successfully and profitably.Sohail Siddiqui, Principal Architect says

Meet the Key Executive

Harry Iyer, Founder & CEO: Harry is the man behind Maantic’s success. He has been instrumental in providing Maantic’s strategic vision, and leads the company’s growth efforts. Additionally, Harry focuses on Business Development and build­ing relationship with clients, partners and his employ­ees. In 2009, Harry founded Maantic, and was responsible for establishing the relationship with Pegasystems. He was also responsible for growing the Salesforce practice at Maantic.

Prior to the inception of Maantic, Harry worked for offshore companies like Cognizant and Mindtree. He has over 20 years of demonstrated expe­rience selling Financial & IT services and Account Management skills with Fortune 500 and software product companies.

“Maantic has plans of building nearshore development centers in the US as companies are putting a lot of emphasis on co-location of resources as many of them work in an Agile environment. This will benefit our clients as our resources will be co-located with their business process experts, greatly reducing delivery times and improving quality”.