10 Fastest Growing Security Companies 2017

A luminary in the provision of security & compliance educational programs and tools for specific framework: VigiTrust


Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and with offices in New York and in Paris, VigiTrust was founded in 2003 by Mathieu Gorge. A GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) SaaS service provider, VigiTrust specializes in helping organisations achieve, maintain and continuously monitor compliance with industry standards such as PCI DSS, Vendor Risk Management, Third Party Assurance, EU GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001 etc. The company has also developed itself in cloud based eLearning programs and prides a portfolio of over 50 eLearning modules around Information Security and Industry Standards.

VigiTrust regards education as the founding stone for good security practise and the positive implementation of compliance programs within an organisation. VigiTrust Educational Programs start with in-person C-level executives brainstorming sessions and extend to educating all staff through comprehensive awareness programs, incorporating not only eLearning on security and compliance topics but continuous education through security workshops, war games, simulated phishing and social engineering attacks or even posters and screen savers. Instructional design skills are just as important as security expertise in making VigiTrust the market leader in the provision of security and compliance educational tools.

Broad-Gauge Look of VigiTrust

Advisory Board

Since it began in 2012, VigiTrust’s Advisory Board has placed a strong emphasis on information sharing and education in a confidential, non-commercial setting, featuring thought leaders who can call on decades of experience in their respective fields.

VigiTrust hosts regional Advisory Boards every 6-8 weeks in Paris, New York, San Francisco and London. The members of these Advisory Boards regroup in Dublin yearly at the Global Advisory Board to continue their discussions on current Cyber Security threats and trends from around the globe.

The original idea for the VigiTrust Advisory board was to get feedback from security and risk professionals to influence VigiTrust’s solution and services roadmap. Now it has evolved into a think-tank in its own right – with Information Sharing being the prime objective. The members are volunteers who benefit from direct engagement with C-level security and risk management peers, the opportunity to influence VigiTrust’s security R & D and the opportunity to get access to security research presented directly by research teams.

Client territory

VigiTrust’s target clients are large distributed organizations with multiple locations, multiple currencies who are multi-lingual with many card present transactions or many transactions with customer data (insurance, healthcare, hospitality, telecommunications etc.). It looks for companies where compliance is crucial, CyberSecurity is a concern and therefore subject to multiple regulations and needing an easy-to-use comprehensive GRC platform like VigiTrust’s.

VigiTrust’s clients find our solutions comprehensive, innovative and cost-effective. VigiTrust provides an industry disruptive cloud-based GRC solution which is built by Subject Matter Experts recognized in the industry. The team here is dynamic, international, hardworking and all possess industry expertise that VigiTrust’s utilises in its solutions and with VigiTrust’s customers.

Services &Solutions Offered

  • Merchant Compliance Portal (MCP): The MCP is contented as VigiTrust’s Flagship solution. The MCP is a midmarket solution for merchant aggregators such as franchisors, acquiring banks, chains and trade associations. Enriched by a Fraud Management and Security incident module, it is the perfect tool for any merchant body.
  • VigiOne: VigiOne is a single compliance platform that allows users to manage their compliance posture for multiple regulations and standards. VigiOne provides a multi-dimensional view of compliance tasks and also boasts integrated awareness, validation & maintenance for compliance. This tool allows Programme managers to simplify compliance with a global view of its current security posture and also for internal communication with other users across the organisations business units. It has a multi-tiered user level including Program Managers, Assessors and Contributors who all have a unique view and task management system included and specifically designed for their role.
  • Security Mentoring Program (SMP): This programs target audience are, CxOs, senior IT personnel’s, HR and Operations manager and Corporate Governance teams. It guides these prime decision makers to understand Security & Information Governance risks for their organization and how to take corrective action through a series of quick wins but also outlining a 5-year security roadmap to aid organisations in continuously monitoring and improving their security posture

Down the Road

VigiTrust has been continuously growing (by more than 100%) over the last two years with clients in over 100 countries. The firm has a truly international team and has also won more than eight awards in the last 12 months. VigiTrust’s core strength is to keep ahead of the legal, operational, technical security and compliance challenges, and present the legal and industry-led compliance and security frameworks to clients in a comprehensive and user-friendly manner.

“In 2017, VigiTrust hopes to double in size and continue to further innovate. VigiTrust will continue to research new industry standards such as EU GDPR, NY DFS and IoT Security in order to improve our services and help our clients achieve and maintain compliance in all industry standards pertaining to them.” says Mathieu Gorge, CEO

With regards to challenges, there will be several new regulations coming down the pipeline from the US because of new administration. The NY DFS Cybersecurity Framework is already generating a lot of inquiries in the US as is GDPR in Europe and US. VigiTrust is continually striving to address those changes and continues to innovate to help organizations be ready by deadlines looming in 2017 & 2018.

There will be opportunities also as VigiTrust can add new regulations as and when they become apparent due to its innovative SaaS Cloud model. There is no need to wait for months to be able to help clients. Thanks to these regulations, New markets are continually opening up for VigiTrust.

Applauds and Accolades

Having received over 8 awards in the last 12 months,VigiTrust is walking tall now, here are few of them;

  • VigiTrust was the recipient of Corporate LiveWire’s 2016 Innovation & Excellence Awards; Ireland for Innovation & Excellence in Security Training.
  • Mathieu Gorge, VigiTrust’s CEO was presented with Information Security CEO of the Year Award for Executive Awards for the 2015.
  • VigiTrust waslisted as one of the Hot Cybersecurity Companies to Watch in 2015, by CyberSecurity 500.

Belaud the Brillance

Mathieu Gorge, CEO: Mathieu brings more than 15 years’ international experience on IT security and risk management. Owing to his international reputation for building the success of the 5 Pillars of Security Framework, Mathieu Gorge is in high demand as a speaker at international security conferences such as RSA& ISACA. Mathieu serves as a Councillor for the Ireland France Chamber of Commerce since 2006 and he has recently taken on the role of Vice President and Information Security Officer. His specialty areas include PCI DSS, HIPAA & ISO 27001 and he works closely with the PCI Council (US& EU). In addition, Mathieu, has been one of the pioneers in pushing the game-changing concept of continuous compliance. In order to take it to the next Level, Mathieu has conceptualized comprehensive and innovative continuous compliance platforms for PCI DSS(Payment card Industry), Data Protection, 3rdParty Assurance and Vendor Risk Management.

"We believe that Compliance and Security is an ongoing journey rather than a destination therefore this journey is at the heart of everything we do for our clients."