10 Fastest Growing SAP Solution Providers 2019

A Reliable IT Partner Known for Solving Business Challenges: Invenio


Invenio is recognized as a global leader in solving business challenges with IT solutions. It has created strategic relationships with some of the world's leading organizations, from Universal Music Group and News UK to the governments of Mauritius and the Maldives. The company has successfully maintained its values and client focus through significant growth.  


Media and Entertainment

  • Invenio Content Financials: Built on SAP, Invenio’s solution gives customers tight control and financial transparency throughout the immense creation and acquisition of content. The Invenio Content Financials Solution enables media companies to get a tighter control on spend and manage the whole lifecycle of their content. 
  • Procure-to-Pay Solution: The Invenio P2P Solution for media, entertainment, and technology companies dramatically reduces the cost of purchasing by at least 50%. The company does this by empowering its clients’ suppliers to manage their relationship with them- whether it is master data, quotations, proposals, work orders, and invoices. Theyspend less time administrating and more time focusing on generating revenue with no need to integrate with SAP Financials.
  • Invenio Broadcast Management Solution: The Invenio Broadcast Management Solution is built on SAP. It integrates and streamlines the whole broadcasting process, from programming, scheduling, airtime sales, and traffic to reconciliation and billing. The result is improved productivity and proven efficiencies. 


To be a market leader in today’s manufacturing industry, innovation and rapid response to customer demands are vital. SAP is helping manufacturers tackle these challenges with reliable solutions, created specifically for the industry. With S/4HANA, manufacturers are able to react faster to variable market demands, predict operational issues and streamline manufacturing performance overall with one single source of live information. 

Public Sector-Tax and Revenue Management

Invenio understands Tax and Revenue Management better than anyone. It is the largest SAP Tax and Revenue Management practice across the world. It has helped governments around the world improve revenue collection and modernize their systems. Its in-depth knowledge of Tax and Revenue Management, allied with SAP, can benefit clients.


From warehouse management to the office of the CEO, logistics businesses face a unique set of challenges. Margins are tight, deliveries need to be made on time and budgets need to be respected. These processes require efficient integration of systems, data sources, and master data to ensure performance is optimal. Invenio has extensive experience helping organizations to maximize their SAP investment for the logistics industry. Its knowledge means it can proactively attack clients’ challenges head-on.

SAP Solutions

SAP HANA: SAP HANA is a platform that brings together the databases, data processing, and application platforms with predictive and business analytics. Invenio's significant experience across media and technology, manufacturing and public sector means that customers partner with a business that understands the challenges inherent in their industry, and implements SAP HANA in a manner that will be focused around their processes and objectives.

SAP S/4HANA: S/4HANA is SAP's next-generation business suite built on the advanced in-memory platform SAP HANA. The company can help clients deploy in the cloud, On-premises or as a hybrid model, connecting their processes with live information and instant insights.

SAP Tax and Revenue Management: SAP Tax and Revenue Management is used worldwide to increase collections and maximize taxpayer compliance. The solution helps administrators deliver tax collection and revenue management solutions, with a single taxpayer view that supports multiple revenue types.

SAP Supply Chain Execution Platform: The SAP Supply Chain Execution (SCE) Platform is a holistic vision of end-to-end visibility, control, and optimization for warehouse, distribution, and transport management. Clients can connect and integrate every aspect of supply chain logistics, from processing to operations to strategy, into a single, best-in-class management platform.

SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting: SAP RAR is a comprehensive solution that automates and simplifies clients’ revenue recognition and accounting process, providing the flexibility to decouple revenue recognition rules from order entry and billing systems. They can comply with new statutory regulations for revenue recognition, such as IFRS 15 while supporting existing requirements with SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting.

Meet the Leader

Arun Bala, Chief Executive Officer: Arun manages Invenio's business globally. He joined Invenio in 2013 with over 25 years of experience. Since then, Invenio has grown from 200 to over 450 people. The company puts in place processes, systems, and structures that ensure it keeps to its core values of customer focus, transparency, value delivery, and expertise while maintaining flexibility and agility. 

His focus has been on delivering success for its customers while driving transparency, accountability, and value delivery through all its engagements.

“We believe that fairness, honesty, and integrity are keys to sustainable business success and long term colleague engagement.”