50 Leading Companies of the Year 2018

A Single Company with Unlimited Possibilities: Hyland


Empower your IT department and your business

Hyland is a software company that thrives on new ideas and diverse perspectives. Since 1991, its mission is to help its employees, customers and partners exceed their potential. Hyland believes that Hylanders can accomplish anything when they have the freedom to innovate, be creative, and embrace the future. That and an intense dedication to its core values is what its award-winning software is built on.

“With technology, this intuitive, organizations can focus on what they do best,” says Hyland. Managing information doesn’t have to be complicated. At Hyland, its major goal to empower efficiency and agility has made its customers grow and innovate with confidence. It helps more than 19,000 organizations handle their most critical content and processes with flexible, configurable software solutions.

It’s More Than Just Software

Its Global services teams are here to guide you to success, whether you are just beginning your journey or managing an enterprise-wide program. The company’s plan is for you to be the strategic owners of your business process solutions. The industry experts mentor and partner with its customers every day, as it delivers your leading information management solutions.

The Firm’s Products and Services

OnBase is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases, uniting all your critical systems and information. It is like a single platform with unlimited potential.  ShareBase by Hyland is another enterprise cloud-based sharing product that provides secure, cloud-based sharing while ensuring your organization retains ownership and control. 

Hyland Healthcare's Enterprise Imaging solutions help healthcare providers centralize, manage and exchange both DICOM and non-DICOM images for easier access both inside and outside the health system. Brainware Intelligent Capture accurately sorts paper and electronic documents based on their content, lifts critical information based on its context, validates it, and seamlessly passes it to your core business applications.  Content Composer, Hyland’s customer communications management (CCM) technology, creates and manages personalized communications and omnichannel delivery, helping organizations increase engagement with external parties. Perceptive Content is a content and process management product suite from Hyland. Its portfolio of products acquired from the Perceptive business unit includes Perceptive Content (formerly ImageNow); Brainware by Hyland; Saperion ECM; and additional products.

The Hyland Cloud is secure, privately managed and custom designed to serve as hosting architecture for Hyland’s cloud offerings.  LawLogix by Hyland provides end-to-end I-9 compliance and best-in-class immigration case management solutions for HR professionals and immigration practitioners. Its Global Services team serves as trusted advisors to its diverse customer organizations through design, implementation,ongoing support, and best practices. 

The Company Speaks Your Language

From process improvements in HR and Accounting to solutions that assist with I-9s and H1B immigration documentation, Hyland has you covered. The industry expertise extends to organizations in Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Government, Higher Education, Manufacturing and more. Hyland is your partner, from discovery and implementation to updates and expansions.

The Global Partner Program it offers

Hyland establishes strategic partnerships to support the diverse needs of its customer organizations. An exclusive network of authorized solution providers, strategic alliance partners, integration partners and original equipment manufacturers helps us to provide holistic resources and expertise to its global customer base.

When it started building software in 1991, doing what’s best for its employees and customers was second nature. As Hyland has grown to a company of more than 3,000 strong, it is thankful that it has the opportunity to make an even bigger impact on its communities as it sustains a culture that fosters generosity of spirit.

“It’s our privilege to forge meaningful, long-term ties with the customers, partners, students, educators and non-profit organizations that shape our vision and values. These relationships make us who we are – a united, engaged workforce that is dedicated to being a positive presence around the globe,”says Hyland.

The Leader Who Does It All

Bill Priemer, President, and CEO:

Bill initially started as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Hyland. He worked as the VP for over a year and soon became the Chief Operating Officer for eight years. Finally, in 2013, he became the President and CEO. It has been six years now, and with his experience and speciality, he has made Hyland a successful company. He completed his under graduation at Boston College and soon finished his masters at North-western University.

“Hyland helps organizations across the globe to manage information, simplify processes and connect systems. When technology meets real business needs, the possibilities are unlimited.”