30 Most Reputable Companies of the Year 2019

A World-Class Leader in In-memory, Time-series Database: Kx


Since the company’s inception, Kx’s singular goal has been to provide its customers with the fastest, most efficient, and most flexible tools for processing real-time and historical data. This focus has enabled the company to become the worldwide leader of in-memory, time-series databases. Kx Labs is passionate about discovering new ideas and transforming them into innovative software products that build on the Kx technologies. It is seeking leading-edge technologies to solve tomorrow's business challenges. Kx Labs works with Kx's global product teams and its strategic partners to support solutions, training, sales and consulting. 

Q. WHY Kx?       

Kx is a suite of enterprise-level products and solutions centeredonkdb+, the world’s fastest time series database. Kdb+ is optimized for ingesting, analyzing, and storing massive amounts of structured data. The combination of the columnar design of kdb+ and its in-memory capabilities means it offers greater speed and efficiency than typical relational databases. Its native support for time-series operations vastly improves both the speed and performance of queries, aggregation, and analysis of structured data.

One feature that really sets Kx apart is its ability to combine streaming, in-memory and historical data in one simple and unified platform; there is no requirement to acquire disparate components to build a hybrid solution. For many of today’s businesses, the promise of big data analytics is the ability to use both streaming and the vast amounts of historical data effectively. This includes data that will accumulate over future years, as well as data a business may already have warehoused but have never been able to use. The means by which a database uses data storage, both in-memory, and on-disk, can make a tremendous difference in the speed and cost of analytics it can produce.

Time-Series Database: Kx technology is designed to capture the essence of time in computing. Its native support for temporal and bi-temporal features is a rare capability. High precision nanosecond timestamps, time ordered querying, uniquely performant aggregation across flexibly-defined time buckets, coupled with time-based table joins of unparalleled speed, allows kdb+ to stand alone in time-series analytics.

In-Memory Computing: With kdb+ the powerful combination of an in-memory database, a time series enhanced superset of SQL, tight integration to external systems, and a fully featured programming language embedded directly on the data allow Kx to deliver in a uniquely cost-effective and performant fashion.

Operational Intelligence: Operational intelligence helps companies make improved and faster decisions based on what is occurring now, what has occurred in the past, and what is predicted to take place in the future. Its solutions provide situational awareness by blending, processing and analyzing real-time and historical information to deliver operational intelligence and actionable insights. This intelligence is used to improve decision making: driving greater customer engagement, improved products and services, and improved efficiency at unprecedented levels of performance and volumes.


Kx for Manufacturing: Kx for Manufacturing is a high-performance, cost-effective sensor data historian and analytics platform for ingesting, processing, and analyzing real-time, streaming and historical data from industrial equipment sensors and enterprise systems. The platform is powered by Kx, the world’s fastest time-series database.

Kx is a single integrated software platform enabling quick, easy implementation and low total cost of ownership. It can be deployed on premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid configuration.

Kx for Gaming: Gaming companies need to be able to optimize odds and products to be as competitive as possible; the speed of insight is key. Kx for Gaming leverages the world’s fastest time series database to deliver real-time insight and optimization through its easy to use platform, whilst empowering companies with the data and solutions to meet all requirements for responsible gaming.

Kx for Life Sciences: Pharma, biotech, and medtech companies have to re-examine and improve traditional R&D, pricing, supply chain and commercial models in response to today’s constantly changing clinical, regulatory and business environments as well as the explosion in real-world data. Kx technology enables a new approach for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to gain insight across multiple datasets from commercial, regulation, research & development and production through to the Internet of Things as companies move “beyond the pill”.

Kx has been built from the ground up for analyzing data at a speed that will drive best-in-class performance across organizations. Its clients gain a competitive advantage from its in-built capability to combine streaming and historical data in one platform.

Kx for Space: The evolution and new era of the space sector are seeing data volumes grow exponentially as sensor platforms provide an unprecedented wealth of information relating to the world and universe. Data from sensor technology will generate new ways to garner knowledge and intelligence from multiple terrestrial and space-based telemetric sources in real time. But a major challenge is how to capture and process all that data!

Kx for Space provides a platform for developing solutions ranging from real-time alert management, in-orbit telemetry to health monitoring of systems in operation or under test. Click the link below to read about Kx's participation in NASA's Frontier Development Lab (FDL).

Meet the Leader

Brian Conlon, Chief Executive Officer: Brian is CEO of Kx, as well as its parent company, First Derivatives. Brian trained with KPMG before joining the risk management team in Morgan Stanley International, London. After working at SunGard he founded First Derivatives in 1996. Brian has built First Derivatives into a leader in global technology services and products, working with some of the world's largest finance, technology and energy institutions. First Derivatives has been recognized as one of the most successful AIM-listed companies on the London Stock Exchange.

“Our time series database is extremely efficient for analyzing very large datasets, and speeds up development and deployment of Kx solutions.”