September Fall Special Edition 2021

Adactin Group – An Australian IT Consulting Company Delivering Outstanding Digital Solutions to Innovate Your Business


Finding the right software solution is like spotting a shooting star as when it comes to Software development, different programming languages and its probable solutions are often hard to pick without a proper guide. No matter what industry it is or what its size, Information Technology is influencing business operations in a rocketed velocity. IT is playing a major role in the way businesses operate with innovative tech solutions. Keeping with the trend that innovation in business is important for IT and vice versa, Information Technology Consulting is providing the required solution. Information Technology has reached a point where online shopping, digital marketing, social networking, communication, cloud computing are dependent on it. So, Information Technology Consulting is one of the major factors for business growth.

Adactin Group is a premium Australian software consulting company dedicated to excellent software development and testing with a comprehensive service suite encompassing quality assurance, design and development services, data analytics products and other digital transformation enterprise solutions including quality ICT training programs. The company has a core competency and thought leadership position built around the science of IT development and testing application development. It has been included in Deloitte's Fast 500 for three years in a row, featured in the CRN Fast 50, and have been recognised in the Westpac Business of Tomorrow competition and in the Western Sydney Award for Business Excellence.

Most Reliable IT Consulting Solutions Leveraged to Various Organizations

Application Development: The company develops an in-depth understanding of your business needs and build a custom solution that optimally fits in your precise requirements. Adactin offers a unique set of application development services that allow you to accommodate more customers, reduce development cycles and minimize overall risks. Its custom applications assist your business to reduce functional gaps by employing a specific architecture in your advanced and integrated applications. The diversified nature of a business and the distinctive distribution of processes means dedicated technologies and high-quality bespoke solutions are needed to support specific IT infrastructure and services. Adactin delivers desktop/web application development services and mobile application development services.

API Development: In the modern business world, it seems almost impossible to develop an application without API (Application Programming Interface) for it will get hard to meet user requirements. APIs provide the medium to request program services and provide access to open the desired application. For the applications to be vigorous and effectively interacting with other applications, the corporate software developers include APIs in their applications. Adactin provides API development and API integration services. They develop and integrate APIs for the web, cloud, mobile and more. The company possesses a distinct identity when it comes to developing and integrating APIs for the web, mobile applications, and cloud.

Managed Security Services: Adactin offers managed security services, which can be either remote, onsite or a combination of the two. The level of the service can begin with something as simple as periodic log analysis, going right up to the use of Security Information Management (SIM) solutions to monitor your systems 24/7. They support an extensive list of security devices and systems and offer options ranging from open-source to enterprise solutions such as RSA Security Analytics and HP Arcsight. It’s trained and experience engineers can get your security operations center up and running in a matter of weeks

Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC): Adactin provides Information Security Risk Management consulting services for managing and mitigating the risks to the organisation. Assessing information security risks is one element of a broader set of risk management activities. Other elements include establishing a central management focal point, implementing appropriate policies and related controls, promoting awareness, and monitoring and evaluating policy and control effectiveness. Adactin Group provides consulting and compliance certification services to comply with and audit the PCI DSS standard. These include conducting gap analysis, implementing the necessary controls and also preparing the Report on Compliance (ROC) or Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).

The Leader Upfront

Sapna Bhatia is the Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer, and Advisory Board Member of Adactin Group. She is responsible for the company's marketing, HR and training functions. Being a founder member of fast growing IT Company, Sapna’s journey is about taking risks and initiatives towards the growth of the Company, which started from sales, marketing, business development, recruitment and delivery activities thereby taking few initiatives such as reverse-outsourcing in Australia; designing textbooks on Automation; creating employment for new migrants through the training programs.

Prior to Adactin Sapna worked with international companies such as  Steria,  Microsoft,  Adobe,  Nestlé,  Rio  Tinto, Perfetti and Siemens  Technologies.

“Our mission is to innovate, integrate, and automate various IT solutions and deliver comprehensive support to empower your business to realize its full potential.”