September Edition 2021

Affirma: Performance-Driven Business and Technology Consulting


"Affirma has been proudly serving clients for 20 years and is a world-class technology solutions and IT services consulting firm."

Established in 2001, Affirma specializes in helping businesses modernize their workplaces to grow with the increasing need for digital transformation. As an award-winning business and technology consulting firm, Affirma fully understands modern-day challenges and obstacles an evolving workplace faces.

In a time where communication and quality could be strained as companies adapt to remote and hybrid work, Affirma has increased its commitment to evolving its business compliance practices, starting with trustworthy consulting. Affirma has always had a human-first business model, and with this evolution in its customer satisfaction stack, the company is fully investing in tools, training, and most importantly, people. They are building an improved foundation for continued success across the board, and it all circles back to its north star: customer satisfaction.

Globally Diverse

When clients work with Affirma, they are working with industry experts who pride themselves on the highest customer satisfaction – and they are backed by a high-quality international digital portfolio. Affirma is proud to be geographically diverse, overlapping time zones with its employees and stakeholders – and they were already dropping success pins on these spots before remote work became the name of the game.

Affirma wants to grow at what they are good at, but they are also looking for new outlets and opportunities to expand the digital expertise – the company wants to step into that space and fill the gap with whatever its customers may need to get ahead in the digital world. The reason Affirma is where it’s at today is because of the people. The company's leadership team does not make important business decisions that sacrifice that vital aspect.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Affirma offers a full suite of creative and technical digital marketing consulting services to help a company craft human connection through digital experiences by telling powerful stories, increasing qualified leads, and driving search profitability.

The company's digital marketing consulting agency headquarters are in the Seattle area, but it offers a global presence and expertise. The Affirma difference is its ability to pull in a wide range of experts for any digital marketing project.

From PPC campaigns and ad copy to the development of a package of digital content offerings including motion graphics, video scripting, SEO, and social media services for any stage of a marketing funnel—Affirma has a full bench of experts ready to take the guesswork out of your marketing needs to deliver measurable business value.

Affirma's digital marketing consultants will help grow a business through strategy, planning, and customized solutions to help solve problems, increase efficiency, and meet an organization’s unique digital marketing needs.

Visual and Creative Services

Affirma is a world-class creative agency and full-service consulting firm. It offers graphic and visual design, creative production, advertising services, branding, and more. Its creative team makes a point to understand a business to create tailored solutions to meet their goals and capture the essence of a brand in a powerful and compelling way that resonates with the customers. Affirma provides a breadth and depth of expertise while maintaining the personal touch of a boutique firm.

Whether it’s for the website, mobile app, or offline content, Affirma's dedicated team of designers, writers, video producers, and developers bring the best of current designs and trends to incite customer action. The Affirma difference is its ability to pull in a wide range of experts for any marketing project across technology, business and digital services to offer a holistic consulting experience with exceptional results. Client satisfaction is Affirma's #1 goal which is why it has hundreds of satisfied clients and a 98% satisfaction rating.

Custom Technology Solutions

Affirma has been proudly serving clients for 20 years and is a world-class technology solutions and IT services consulting firm. It specializes in Cloud, Software Development, Technology Infrastructure and mobile, but it can help with any technology need.

Keeping up with 21st century technology can be a challenge and Affirma is here to help. Its software developers focus on delivering true, measurable business value to its clients. The company believes that technology can greatly enhance customer service, boost sales, and streamline all business practices.

Affirma has a passion for customer satisfaction and are dedicated to delivering dependable and reliable solutions that exceed client expectations. Our expert consultants take the time to learn about your goals, ask the right questions to understand your business, and utilize our full-service solutions to help your team move faster and more efficiently.

The Leader

Rob Campbell, CEO and President

Rob Campbell has been the CEO and President of Affirma Consulting for the last three years. He previously served as VP of Project Services and has been a valued member of the Affirma team for the last 17 years. His leadership and influence is critical to shaping the success and future direction of the company.

"The Affirma difference is its ability to pull in a wide range of experts for any digital marketing project."