April Special Edition 2021

Algoworks – Providing state of the art DevOps services to optimize software processes for businesses


DevOps—the amalgamation of development (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams—is an organizational approach that enables faster development of applications and easier maintenance of existing deployments. By enabling organizations to create stronger bonds between Dev, Ops and other stakeholders in the company, DevOps promotes shorter, more controllable iterations through the adoption of best practices, automation and new tools. DevOps is not a technology per se, but it covers everything from the organisation to culture, processes and tooling. Initial steps usually include Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), real-time monitoring, incident response systems and collaboration platforms. DevOps speeds up release cycles by identifying and eliminating wasteful processes. This speeds up the flow of value, having a positive impact on costs.

Algoworks is a global outsourced IT Services company and its business is to make the offshore strategy work for ISVs and software-enabled companies. It is offering services in key areas of enterprise mobile app development, enterprise content management solutions (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), and software product engineering (SPE). The company follows a consultative-driven approach for providing end to end expertise in providing mobility solutions besides being one of the top service providers on SaaS technologies like Salesforce. It has an extensive experience in IT outsourcing and has matured into a trusted outsourcing partner providing substantial value and savings to its clients, often exceeding savings up to 60 percent.

Most Reliable DevOps Services and Solutions Furnished

Custom Application Development: Custom software development is Algoworks speciality, having the distinct pedigree in building, supporting, and integrating enterprise class software products. Churning out millions of app codes has offered them in gaining expertise over it. The company blends its knowledge and skills in order to deliver world class mobile app development services. Its arsenal of dexterous mobile app developers excels with confidence to bring best mobile apps for its customers. Web application development involves many stages, from strategizing to accurate planning, a necessary research, business consulting, design, programming, testing and training. Algoworks offers a structured framework programming, coding guidelines and standards and best programming practices.

DevOps Consulting Company: DevOps automates and standardizes the processes for infrastructure deployment. With the help of DevOps, enterprises get faster innovation, better operational efficiency, and improved deployment quality that enables them to focus on their business goals better.  DevOps helps organizations align development and operations teams to improve the quality of code, undertake continuous integration, and deliver faster. Algoworks, a leading DevOps consulting company, can enable continuous delivery pipeline across the cloud platforms for faster time-to-market at reduced costs.

Blockchain Development Services: Blockchain, the distributed ledger allows data to be exchanged between two contracting parties directly without the need of any intermediaries within a network. The best part about the open ledger system is that they are immutable and they are cryptographically secured by the Hash functions, hence an extremely secure way to track the assets digitally. Algoworks is an experienced Blockchain development company providing complete technical support as well as end to end consultation services in leveraging blockchain technology for highly secured distributed ledger system. Its team works endlessly with clients to deliver blockchain driven solutions to their problems.

UI/UX Research: It is defined as carrying out extensive research about users’ requirements and implementing the insights gained into the UX design process. The research requires various tools and techniques to understand user behavior and discover issues that affect the overall UX. The UX Researchers at Algoworks bring in their skills and experience of putting the right tools and techniques together to provide thorough user insights. They ensure that the data is accurate and effective. Algoworks has an exquisite team of experienced UX researchers. They apply the best practices to analyze your business, target audience, market, and solutions of competitors to prioritize user goals, study their behavior, and offer UX research according to the well-thought strategy.

The Leader at the helm of Algoworks

Pratyush Kumar is the Co-Founder and President ASI USA of Algoworks. He is Head of global sales for Algoworks and works out of Sunnyvale, CA. He has been leading business growth for Algoworks through innovative sales approaches and strategies from 10+ years, while being associated with the Technology industry for 18+ years.

“Serving happy customers globally, Algoworks, believes in building relationships, not just partnerships.”