August Edition 2021

Anvilogic – Providing Robust No-Code Automated Detection Engineering Platform for the SOC


The business world is moving at a dizzying pace, where today’s innovation quickly becomes tomorrow’s norm. To gain a competitive advantage, organizations need to close the gap between business problem identification and deployment of a solution to address it. However, without enough developers on hand, organizations are looking for technology solutions to help transform themselves into a more agile and flexible entity. A no-code process automation platform can shorten this loop, democratize innovation, and accelerate business growth.

Anvilogic is a top-tier VC and angel-funded cyber-security SaaS company. It is an Automated Detection Engineering platform that offers a collaborative, no-code intelligent detection experience to automate a SOC's detection engineering workflow by helping security teams assess their environment and quickly build/deploy attack-pattern detection code resulting in highly accurate & enriched alerts for automated triage & response. Anvilogic's AI platform offers both efficiency and efficacy to SOCs - by eliminating the difficult, human process in detection engineering, and by vastly improving the accuracy of entire attack pattern detections so that the incident responders do not drown in alert noise, and can easily triage/respond/automate real threat incidents.

Best-in-Class Intelligent Automated Detection Solutions Offered

The Anvilogic Detection Automation Platform: It helps unify everything from SOC maturity, data gaps, workflows, alerts, trending threats, and detection coverage. Security Operation Centers generate massive amounts of chaotic signals. Signals generated by workflows, tools, applications, servers, networks, endpoints, EDR, Cloud, customer alerts, and the like – creating silos leading to a disjointed SOC. Unifying your unstructured security signals into one SOC platform enables teams to gain insights and recommendations of your unique environment – to quickly and confidently take action and make decisions as fast as the changing business & threat landscape.

AI-Driven Engineering Platform: Leverage the AI-driven automated continuous maturity score that provides recommendations based on each environment that helps SOC teams assess, prioritize and make informed decisions to improve and maintain maturity. Force-multiply SOC resources, automate mundane detection engineering tasks and democratize rule development for security analysts through AI-driven automated insights and recommendations that drive SOC efficiencies. Amplify threat detections and easily enrich alerts that are most relevant to more quickly identify, hunt, triage & respond – while leveraging the code-less detection builder to quickly create higher efficacy pattern-based detections.

Cybersecurity Detection: A security detection automation platform is comprised of security workflows and frameworks to help break down security workflow silos and disjointed gaps between people, processes, and technology in the SOC. Detection automation makes it easier for SOC teams to analyze and normalize their entire security ecosystems to quickly identify any threat patterns. Get AI-assisted recommendations in a prioritized order across various phases of the development lifecycle to reduce human effort and automatically assess what detections come next. Automate deployment of detection code to your SIEM using version controlled best practices. Leverage and amplify detection engineering with frameworks. Reduce human errors and significantly improve efficiency around the rule development process.

Threat Hunting and Triage: Get more valuable detections to hunt leveraging sequence adversarial pattern detection to give you the full narrative across multiple detections to better identify and respond to threats. Continuously improve and automate detections to proactively hunt threats and automate across the containment and hunting processes. Rich threat hunting, triage, and response experience that allows multiple SOC personas to respond quickly and effectively. Through adversarial pattern sequencing, you can build a narrative across millions of logs in minutes to determine if alerts are viable without needing to spend hours a day trying to find other events associated with the alerts. Anvilogic provides a unifying experience for security professionals aimed at providing improved visibility, enrichment, and context across hundreds of alerting datasets and security tools to enhance the ability to assess, detect and respond using existing technology & data.

The Leader Upfront

Karthik Kannan is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Anvilogic.

“We help unify everything from SOC maturity, data gaps, workflows, alerts, trending threats, and detection coverage.”