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AppSense: The Leading Provider of Secure User Environment Solutions


"Founded in 1999, AppSense solutions enable IT teams to deliver the ultimate user experience and productivity across physical and virtual desktops.”

AppSense is the leading provider of secure User Environment Management (UEM) solutions for today’s endpoint systems. The company’s user virtualization technology allows IT to secure and simplify workspace control at scale across physical, virtual and cloud-delivered desktops. Its solutions make Citrix, Microsoft and VMware environments more secure, manageable and high performing while improving overall end user experience.

AppSense Solutions have been deployed by over 3,600 enterprises worldwide to 9 million endpoints. The company relies on a global network of channel partners with a very robust partner support ecosystem. Through this network of partners, AppSense offers a suite of UEM solutions, including DesktopNow Suite (which is comprised of Environment Manager, Application Manager and Performance Manager) as well as its DataNow solution for secure enterprise file sync and share processes. AppSense also offers an analytics solution, AppSense Insight, which monitors user devices and interactions across laptops, terminal services, VDI and static desktops.

AppSense was recently recognized by 451 Research as “the missing link for virtual desktops.”

Overcoming EndPoint Security Challenges
AppSense uniquely secures vulnerable endpoints without compromising the user experience or workplace productivity. It overcomes endpoint security challenges by providing policy-based control to security teams and desktop administrators and protects against intentional and unintentional user actions while delivering unprecedented visibility into endpoints.

AppSense’s new breed of endpoint security enables organizations to:

  • Prevent unknown executables – Kernel-level filter drivers intercept file execution before application launch – regardless if the endpoint is online or offline.
  • Make list management obsolete – Using the practice of “Trusted Ownership,” enterprises are able to go far beyond traditional whitelisting and blacklisting to ensure that only applications from a trusted source can run.
    Enforce least privilege access – By precisely controlling user and application privileges, users only access what they need. This helps to minimize the risk of human error while supporting a great user experience through self-service access to application requests.
  • View Endpoint Analytics for proactive threat prevention – Deep visibility into endpoint devices and user data identifies applications used and privileges invoked. This helps plan effectively deploy least privilege and application control customized for the customer’s production environment.

Why AppSense
What makes AppSense unique is that, unlike most security technology, the AppSense solution is arguably a technology that is transparent to the user. AppSense is the first User Centric Security platform which provides next generation defense in depth yet simultaneously allows IT to deliver a consistent, personalized environment.

A Suite of Secure UEM Solutions
The rapid customer adoption of AppSense is directly related to the value organizations realize by employing the solution’s policy-based controls, which seamlessly protect the user’s desktop without limiting user performance or productivity. For organizations that want to secure their endpoint infrastructure and minimize risk, AppSense offers a suite of secure User Environment Management solutions including:

AppSense DesktopNow which consists of the following products:

  • AppSense Environment Manager – which provides on-demand personalization and fine-grained contextual policy control to give IT teams a powerful way to personalize user desktops on-demand which helping protect endpoints based on policy.
  • AppSense Application Manager – a pragmatic endpoint security solution that prevents unauthorized code execution and enforces software licensing through AppSense’s unique “Trusted Ownership” model in addition to traditional whitelisting and blacklisting.
  • AppSense Performance Manager – helps optimize performance and capacity on current hardware investment and ensure consistent performance so that IT teams can deliver a highly responsive desktop to users while also reducing hardware costs.
  • AppSense DataNow – a simple and secure user file access solution which delivers ubiquitous data management without the risks of consumer cloud services. Users have access to a fully personalized workspace that follows them where they work while existing access controls as well as additional policy and auditing capabilities assure data security.
  • AppSense Insight – a virtual appliance with a web-based console that enables granular endpoint data collection for informed analysis and decision making. Predictive intelligence ensures endpoint security and identifies suspicious behavior.

AppSense customers span multiple industries and market sectors, but are predominantly in organizations with thousands of endpoints and often across large campus environments. The top industries AppSense serves include Healthcare, Financial Services and Insurance, Government, Education and Professional Services/Legal. More than 3,600 customers and 9 million endpoints rely on AppSense for their UEM and endpoint security. Some of those customers include: Me Bank, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Imperial College NHS Trust, Hassell, Brocade, Lifeline, First Foundation, EMB, Mazars, and Mueller, Inc., etc.

Clients Speak
“We knew that to get the speed to the clinician so they could provide better care to the patient, AppSense was the way to go.” – Wes Wright, VP and CTO, Seattle Children’s Hospital

“Without AppSense, Citrix didn’t really make sense.” – Tom Leyden, Head of Technology, Hassell

Global Footprint
The company is a global organization servicing companies through a worldwide ecosystem of channel partners.

Future Focus Areas
Security represents a significant market opportunity for AppSense, and a good fit, since it is deployed at 9 million endpoints and understands security needs at the desktop. To this purpose, AppSense is building a next generation endpoint security product that is cloud based and includes prevent, detect, respond and predict capabilities. In parallel with its technical advancements, the company is expanding its sales team and channel partnerships, and educating customers about the need for security at the endpoint.

Knowing the Leader

Scott Arnold, President and CEO
As AppSense CEO, Scott is responsible for delivering customer success, building a strong and capable team, and growing shareholder value. Prior to joining AppSense, Scott was President and CEO of MarketTools. Under his leadership the company dramatically expanded its software-as-a-service offerings to enable more rapid, cost effective, and insightful business decisions based on actionable customer insights, leveraging brands such as Zoomerang,, and TrueSample. Scott also served as COO and interim CEO of Borland Software (Nasdaq BORL), now a subsidiary of Micro Focus. He began his career at McKinsey & Company where he served leading technology clients on a wide range of strategic, go to market, and business building topics. Scott has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Duke University and an MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

“We’ve been deployed to over 9 million desktops, helping users around the world optimize security and reduce operational and infrastructure costs.”