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At The Forefront of Change since 1987: GFT Group


GFT Technologies has been a pioneer of near-shore delivery since 2001 and now offer a global team spanning twelve countries with a Global Delivery Workforce of 5,500 people around the world. It loves technology and always curious to discover what’s out there. The company always works on how it can cleverly combine established practice with new thinking, embedding both into a solution which allows its clients to stand out among their competitors.

Since its foundation, GFT has constantly evolved and modernized to meet industry expectations and react to market requirements. But it has always remained true to its key strength i.e. developing ground-breaking information technology and services, helping clients to master the transformation of their business.

Core Values

GFT has a set of 5 values. These are an integral part of its daily lives, both internally and in its everyday work with clients. The company lives up to its values because it truly believes they are vital. These were carefully selected and agreed together:

  • Caring: GFT Technologies care about people, cultures, and opinions, and show everyone equal respect
  • Committed: The people at GFT are committed to their company and their clients
  • Courageous: It has the courage to challenge and break new ground, thus embracing new growth opportunities
  • Collaborative: It collaborates and succeeds as one team
  • Creative: The company turns ideas into creative solutions and strives for quality in everything it does

Areas of Specialization

Capital Markets: The recent financial crisis has led to a significant increase in the level of regulation, oversight, and scrutiny of the financial services sector. Governments around the world are placing a greater emphasis on risk management and operational procedures, intensifying the pressure on investment banks, brokerage firms, and hedge funds. This increase in regulation comes at a time when many financial organizations are in a transitional stage as they look to meet the challenge of falling revenues and profitability. 

GFT’s capital markets experts help financial institutions overcome these challenges by developing innovative solutions that allow them to meet their regulatory requirements and exploit the considerable opportunities that change brings. Its customers range from global investment banks to hedge funds. This expertise means that GFT is accustomed to ‘heavy-lifting’ projects which address complex business challenges, whatever is the size of the organization. 

Banking: Market changes and regulation are forcing retail banks into a profound transformation. In an increasingly digitalized world, banks are poised to play an essential part in the life of their customers – but only if they are able to build strong engagement with them.

Fierce competition forces banks to be proactive in their market approach. Not only do they need to offer products that take the complexity out of financial decisions, but engagement also has to be based on the life-path of the customer (university studies, new home, family, retirement, etc.) rather than on mere banking products.

A new approach to banking has started to emerge and although the so-called neo-banks and big GAFA players still have a discreet presence in terms of market share, it is widely believed that they have initiated a wave that will continue to grow until it fully transforms the industry.

For many banks, ensuring that their IT systems are in a position to support this transformation remains a daunting task. GFT understands retail banking business and it knows IT inside out. It helps banks throughout the world to adopt the technology that supports their business transformation while ensuring a perfect fit with their legacy systems.

Insurance: Insurance companies must continually offer new products and services with working processes that are designed to enhance both efficiency and flexibility. From strategy to delivery, GFT provides consulting services in business and IT architecture, specialized insurance services, and leading major transformation projects focusing on one critical goal: ensure that any IT or business project creates value for the organization. Its team specializes in property, casualty, and life & health insurance. They understand the needs and the stakes of the insurance world. This enables the company to propose efficient solutions with the best value for the organization and to be operational as soon as it starts working on the project.

Meet the Leader

Marika Lulay, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer: Since June 2017 Marika Lulay is Chief Executive Officer (CEO). She was a Member of the Board at GFT Technologies AG from July 2002 to August 2015 and since August 2015 she is a Member of the Administrative Board at GFT Technologies SE. In her former role as Chief Operating Officer, she assumed responsibility for the GFT core business and the key operational areas for 15 years. She is responsible for the areas strategy & business development, markets, communications, marketing, technology & innovation.

“If new topics appear on the horizon, we integrate them into our strategy.”