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Atom AMPD: The Single Solution for Your Security Needs


“Happiness has many roots, but none more important than security.” – E. R. Stettinius

Security is paramount to any business in the world today. Having all of a company’s network and communication in one box can simplify its IT infrastructure and save a lot of money. Illinois based, Atom AMPD, Inc. does this through its flagship communication and networking software, AtomOS. Launched in 2010, AtomOS allows for a comfortable and smooth transition from a business’ existing network and telephony systems, to a simple and easy to use all-in-one solution. Atom AMPD’s competitive price, scalability, ease of use and comprehensive feature list allows it to serve just about any market and any size business.

In the US, clients range from Real Estate offices, Medical offices, Franchises and Municipalities. In Asia, there are over2 million users behind AtomOS. Being a Disruptive Technology, Telcos and other MSPs in SE Asia, realize the uniqueness of the product and are ramping up over the next 18 months. The company is well positioned since it can deliver an end-to-end voice communications and networking technology, including infrastructure at a lower overall total cost of ownership.Customers seeking similar solutions from other providers are often challenged with integrating and assimilating multiple suppliers and technologies and incur significantly higher costs.

Whether a customer’s needs range from security and web filtering to VoIP and VPN, AtomOS has it covered. The versatility of the AtomOS allows for complete customization and adaptability according to each client’s unique needs. As a disruptive technology, AtomOS is adaptable and flexible to meet new requirements. It was built with and continues to be improved considering end user input. Its user friendly interface is as simple as checking or unchecking a box. AtomOS is the last solution one needs to deploy. As new features roll out, current clients get them automatically. It is their choice whether to activate the feature or not. No longer is one required to buy a new piece of hardware for a new feature. AtomOS is currently installed on 5 of the 7 continents of the world.

The company’s solutions help its customers simplify their businesses. They can get everything that they need, a complete telephone, networking, security and services solution from one source. Atom AMPD is a software solution provider that can work with a variety of hardware choices.

The target area of the company’s clientele is small to medium sized businesses that can benefit from AtomOS. The AtomOS software is already in deployment with a 10 million user base in China. Once the next phase is complete, it will expand up to 10-60X. Deployments are also under way in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam. Recognizable clients are the World Curling Federation, the US Curling Association, the US Biathlon Association and Vernon Davis’ Jamba Juice Stores in Silicon Valley.

Client Testimonial
“As an entrepreneur and professional athlete I am always looking at the best way to perform at a “highest level”. I never really considered software/technology to be items I would place that level of focus on until I met Daniel and the team at Atom AMPD. I feel confident to know that I am operating at the highest level when it comes to my business tech needs and I truly thank Dan for that.” – Vernon Davis, Multi-Unit Franchise Owner

Office Locations
Atom AMPD is headquartered in Volo, Illinois with offices located in Miami, Florida and Danville and Fresno California.

Focus Area
The company’s present focus is to strengthen its Master Distributors, VoIP Defender (Americas) and Through Technology Group (Asia Pacific) and Webflows (Mesh Networking).

Knowing the Masters
Tim A. Williams, Chairman & Co-Founder
Tim has more than 35 years of experience building high-growth, high technology companies. Combining his experience in Silicon Valley startup companies with a strong educational base, Tim brings significant experience in both technology and business leadership required to create successful high-growth companies. He has been a principal in 15 start-up companies of which four have sold for over $300 million each. Tim received his B.S. and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. He also holds a Ph.D. in the subject of Fields and Waves and received his MBA at the University of Texas in Austin, specializing in finance. He is a registered patent agent and is named inventor on 26 issued U.S. Patents in the areas of Wireless communications, telephony and digital signal processing.

Daniel Field, CEO & Co-Founder
Daniel is internationally recognized for his leadership, highly-diversified background and vision in the technology sector. With more than 30 years of experience building and managing high-growth high technology companies, he is recognized for formulating and deploying strategic initiatives that focus on the development of integrated and disruptive technologies. Recognizing that high-growth technology firms thrive when they combine superior management with creative and dedicated teams and individuals, Daniel has identified opportunities and developed new tools, processes and applications that reshape businesses with innovative technological solutions. Early in his career, Daniel recognized that disruptive innovations have served as the basis for success of technology companies which add value and create new opportunities at extremely competitive prices. Atom AMPD is an excellent example of a business which has deployed disruptive innovations to invade and replace older, more staid approaches in an area historically dominated by a few large corporations.

“We are an enterprise-level communications provider of scalable networking, security, wireless and telephony solutions for any size business ranging from small to Fortune 100.”