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With its dedicated team of highly-skilled and creative programmers, AVA World is all set to provide the world a global cloud of luxury activities and experiences


The way we shop for commodities has changed. Technology has made it possible to browse through items and purchase them from the comfort of our home. Successful companies understand the need for integrating technology to enhance the shopping experience for customers. One of the popular opinions that were built on assumptions was that wealthy customers don’t prefer making purchases online for high-end commodities. This has, in turn, created a concern that moving too far towards digitalization could damage the prestige of the luxury brands.

Luxury brands are always on a lookout for creating a balance between creating exclusivity and accessibility. Expectations of the consumers are changing, and shoppers prefer to be more tech-savvy. Digital revolution has forced luxury brands to reevaluate their position and think about the benefits of going digital. There are firms that offer luxury brands solutions to digitalize their business, but one that stands out from the rest is AVA World, Advanced Virtual Assistant. The company specializes in A.I. technological tools development to help companies in the digitalization of their luxury market field, travel market, hospitality, providing activities and experiences, and so on. AVA World’s software will be a luxury-oriented environment where clients, sellers, and providers will be able to connect in a secure, fast, and direct way. The company wanted to create a multifaceted platform that can offer a personalized social media feed, a secure e-wallet, and, especially, a luxury market place, all in one app. No more boundaries to the possibilities: everyone, from the house sofa, will have the opportunity to purchase high quality and high-value items, such as yachts, private jets, supercars, watches, jewelry, and art. AVA World will give its clients the possibility to create a new network in the most comfortable way.

AVA World was founded in 2020, and it is based in Singapore.

In conversation with Anthony Brisacq, Co-Founder and CEO of AVA World

Q. Competition in software development market is fierce. Companies go for the best available option. Do you have qualified individuals who help you maintain your service standards?

Yes, of course. Presenting us as an important source of the luxury market, we have to maintain a specific level of service. To enter into AVA World, you have to meet a certain standard of certified luxury that has to be proven with inspection of the team AVA or specialized teams worldwide, capable of analyzing every detail we require. We ask a lot from our providers, and it’s because we want to offer the most dedicated service we can imagine to our clients.

Q. Best software development services come with an expensive price tag. How do you maintain your affordability and profitability?

Our field is the luxury market, so I think it’s almost expected from our service to be expensive. Still, we want to offer a different range of tools, trying to be more accessible and affordable. We offer a choice between the three types of packages: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These will have a different level of possibility in Cloud, but every member will have access to a personal AVA Card and e-wallet, with all the benefits it implies, such as miles, discounts, and special offers. In addition to this, they’ll have different templates for the product display, with more or fewer photos available, dedicated customer care, social media newsfeed, and much more. Also, the work that AVA does is simply to connect clients with providers with commercial partners: being in this ecosystem can help all the participants grow a flourishing network and opens a possibility to advertise any other collateral market business. Our concern is to maintain this synergy safe and sound, and we assure this by using our own payment system.

Q. A major reason for the complexity of software projects is the constant changing of requirements. Do you have solid process and line of communication to ensure that the product outcomes align with expectations and requirements?

Yes, we do. Unlike other startups, we have a clear vision of what we want to become and where we are going. We want to become the first luxury dedicated cloud in the world, and we are doing all we can to present the best product possible. It’s clear that the path hasn’t been straightforward, especially with a global pandemic, but our aim is very clear so that we can say that we always find a way. We don’t change the idea; we simply evolve.

Q. How do you market your services?

Our marketing strategy remains a secret, but like every other tech company; we’ll launch our software with an online platform connected to our cloud of activities and experiences.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Yes, we have new services ready to be launched, but because of the Covid-19, we prefer to wait until all of them are ready.

Q. What are your trajectories for the next 5 years?

Our trajectory is very simple: we want to become the new global cloud of luxury activities and experiences, and we will do anything to make this possible.

Meet the leader behind the success of AVA World

Anthony Brisacq is the CEO and Co-Founder of AVA World. He started his career in the French Riviera, where he formed the Mediterrean Yacht Services which rapidly became the leading provider of ‘last-minute’ yacht booking in Monaco, Nice, Cannes and Saint-Tropez. In 2015, he teamed up luxury yachting industry giant Camper & Nicholsons International to create Yachster, a cutting-edge company with a mission to be hiring a yacht as simple as booking a flight. Now is coordinating the teams for the developing of AVA World, his newest jewel.

“No more boundaries to the possibilities: everyone, from the house sofa, will have the opportunity to purchase high quality and high value items, such as yachts, private jets, super cars, watches, jewelry and art.”