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BayCreative: Marketing Department in-a-Box

thesiliconreview-arne-hurty-cco-bay-creative-17When you see your laptops or desktops, have you ever thought among all the tech companies involved in the completion of product, who is the customer for whom? Is Microsoft customer for Intel or is it vice versa? How these two tech mammoths conduct business? Interesting right! Such kind of commercial transactions involving two businesses is called Business-to-Business (B2B).

Well these are well known fortune 500 companies. On the other hand, what about the smaller enterprises, how do they conduct B2B? How do they make other brands recognize them and set a worthy reputation?

Here marketing comes to the rescue! But it’s the digital era therefore it is “Digital Marketing”. Digital Marketing is the new It girl. They use the wonders of technology to promote brands and products through electronic media. One such Brilliant company is the full-service B2B marketing agency BayCreative.

Based in San Francisco, BayCreative brings more than 18 years of B2B marketing experience to the table – and the team offers in-depth, collaborative support to develop and execute effective digital/web marketing, lead generation, brand awareness-building, inbound marketing, new product/service launch and sales/channel enablement strategies that can fuel a company or organization’s growth. The BayCreative value to its clients comes from serving as a “Marketing Department in a Box.” Inside this box you’ll get access to the agency’s talented writers, designers, and technical web/mobile/email developers, videographers, branding experts, lead generators, SEO and Pay-Per-Click campaign specialists, illustrators and more!

Deep dive into BayCreative

What were the grounds on which you have expanded your company and its offerings over the years?

The company has evolved into a full-service B2B marketing agency to meet the changing needs of its clients. It has kept its finger on the pulse of marketing and messaging trends and technique. BayCreative customers have come to rely on the perspective they get from the agency on their business and how they can communicate value to their customers. From website design and user experience, to content development, to social networking, to brand perception and more, BayCreative develops, deploys, tracks and measures the results. And boy do they deliver!

What challenges did you face in your initial years?

Initially we positioned the company as a design boutique primarily supporting our clients with website re-design and collateral layout. We worked on some fantastic projects and produced high-quality work. But our clients consistently requested that we provide a broader portfolio of services. They were unhappy with the burden of managing multiple outside agencies and contractors. Now, it is essentially a single source for all types of marketing, creative and branding services.

Prime factors for success of BayCreative:

  • The great partnerships we have with our clients. They’re our friends and we’re an extension of their marketing department. We get the honor of collaborating with clients on exciting marketing initiatives that contribute to their company’s growth. We’ve been working with most BayCreative clients for over 5 years.
  • The great talent we call the “BayCreative Family.” Outstanding staff, contractors and vendors with vast experience and energy.
  • An open and creative approach to problem solving and thinking. We encourage our team to think about projects from multiple angles. This helps us bring value to our customers by looking at things in a way they haven’t thought of or considered viable.
  • Keeping our work fun and keeping it in context. We’re all more than our work. We acknowledge that at the company and avoid becoming a “self-consuming” We cherish our team and the part of their lives they spend with us.
  • Teamwork; we readily help each other. We in projects together so we treat each other with respect and never hesitate to step in and help each other where we can. People feel connected and supported and are much more likely to relax and do good work.

It is all about customers anyway!

“BayCreative helped position Blue Clover Devices as THE IoT ODM and its become the foundation of our identity. Visitors to our new website clearly understand the value we deliver,” – Judy Wang, SVP & Co-Founder, Blue Clover Devices.

“We had an extremely rapid turnaround. BayCreative brought concepts that were on strategy and perfect for our target. They’re great!” – Joseph Bresler, Director of Marketing, Oracle.

Meet the head persons

Arne Hurty, Chief Creative Officer & Co-Owner: Arne is a proven marketing designer and problem solver with over 30 years experience developing award-winning creative for marketing, advertising, and sales. In the mid-80s, he was one of the first to explore desktop publishing. Riding the forefront of that new technology, Arne earned multiple honors and awards for his graphics in publishing design and illustration. During his time at Macworld magazine, Arne was honored by the AIGA for his pioneering work on informational graphic design and cited as a major contributor to honorary placement in the National Magazine Awards for design. As the first design director for Macworld Online, Arne helped shape a key web property in the infancy of the Internet. He is also a noted speaker on graphics and design at universities and conferences such as Macworld and Thunder Lizard.

thesiliconreview-Scott_Danish_Chief-Client-Officer_Co-Owner-BayCreative-17Scott Danish, President & Co-Owner: Scott is a proven marketing executive with more than 25 years experience in driving product, services, channel and corporate marketing strategies in the high technology and media industries. Prior to BayCreative, he was a Director of Market Management with Cisco Systems. In this capacity, he lead a team of world-class marketers that delivered strategic, innovative and integrated marketing campaigns that resulted in more than $2.3 billion in Cisco Services revenues from large businesses and Federal agencies across the U.S. & Canada theater. Before Cisco, Scott was a Vice President of Global Marketing for CNET Networks, where he had responsibility for all global marketing, product management and sales support of the Channel division. Prior to joining CNET Networks, Scott held the position of Director of Product Marketing at PeopleSoft (now Oracle) where he ran marketing communications, programs and operations for the company’s global supply chain management division.

“Think of us as a reliable and talented source that would serve as a virtual extension of your company or organization’s Marketing team.”