April Special Edition 2021

Bitrise – Helping the world's best-known brands build mobile apps, and creating an environment where everyone can have an impact


A mobile application can reinforce brand value, catch the attention of audience. An effectively designed and developed application can help sustain the brand image with a lasting value. Developing an application can fruitfully connect you with customers on the go. Because a mobile stays with the audience, where they go, a mobile goes with them. So, it is a mobile marketing channel as well which promotes itself everywhere. For a user, the important of mobile application development is of great importance. Portability and ease of use make the usability of mobile applications extremely simple for audience with gradually less learning curve.  Mobile devices are scaling new heights in terms of demands. With the emergence of super speed data connection at a considerably low tariffs and the availability of smartphone with important features make these a very vital ingredient for continued business revenue generation.

Bitrise is one such company that helps you automate your daily app development tasks from building through testing to deployment. With Bitrise you can configure these tasks with a unique, visual workflow editor, with over 200 service integrations ready to roll. All integrations or steps are Open Source, which means that you can easily create your own app and share it with others. Project Managers can get a clear picture of the development and testing of apps, testers get regular notifications about available, testable builds, and clients are able to collaborate with the rest of the team. Bitrise is used for faster, more efficient and consistent app development at companies ranging from early stage startups to app agencies and Fortune 500 companies to unicorns.

Next-generations App Development Services Furnished

Continuous Integration for Mobile: There’s no undo button on mobile: timing your release to a dedicated day, let’s say every two weeks, and is incredibly risky. By adopting a mobile Continuous Integration model, your team can catch bugs and inconsistencies before they reach production and fix them immediately. On Bitrise, teams shorten their release cycles with easy automated building and testing, resulting in faster time-to-market without the added complexity and overhead of maintaining a custom CI environment. Robust team management features and build logs enable stronger collaboration between developers, while ensuring bugs or issues are detected and resolved earlier.

iOS Continuous Integration and Delivery: Nobody likes code signing. Connect your Apple Developer Account and let us handle your provisioning profiles. Just set the export method and you’re good to go – you only need to upload your certificates. Every single build on Bitrise runs on a clean virtual machine, which is discarded the moment your build is finished. Its VMs are pre-installed with all the important tools for your iOS apps. Use Xcode as you would on your own computer, and run any custom script you want. Anyone can open a pull request from a fork in an open source project – but you might not want every single PR to start a build on Bitrise. No need to, either: set up your app to require manual approval from owners or admins before starting a pull request build.

Android Continuous Integration and Delivery: Bitrise fully integrates with Firebase Test Lab’s Virtual Device Testing solution, which you can enable with one click to run UI tests quickly and reliably. You can check the test output (video, screenshots and logs) right on your build’s page. Secrets are stored encrypted and are only exposed during build or when you’d like to reveal them on the UI. Your credentials and API keys for connected services are safe with us. Its project scanner will detect the technology used in your Android app and automatically configure your initial Android workflow to get you up and running in minutes. From there, rapidly iterate and improve.

Mobile DevOps: Mobile DevOps practices increase the frequency of deployment as opposed to the older methods, where larger portions of the code were deployed less frequently. The ideal end result is a fully implemented rolling deployment system—in other words, regular releases to a subset of users. Mobile is unique. As such, it deserves and requires an approach that differs from traditional DevOps methods. The company believes that incorporating a unique set of practices—collectively referred to as Mobile DevOps — into your app development process is a must if you want to succeed in the world of mobile.

The Visionary Leader

Barnabás Birmacher serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Bitrise.

“Bitrise offers more than 300 steps and integrations to easily connect the processes and services you use in your mobile development workflows.”