August Special Edition 2021

Providing Analytics Support So Businesses Can Thrive: BOOMDATA


BOOMDATA takes an agile, iterative design and delivery approach with a view to delivering value early.”

Wherever your capabilities lie on the data management and data governance spectrum, CIO’s now need a carefully planned, modernised data management strategy with supporting architecture and technical specialists to deliver on the promise of information security and deep, transformative insights.

With that said, we’re pleased to present BOOMDATA— Microsoft data and analytics specialists based in Sydney that design, build, and maintain agile data, analytics, and business intelligence solutions for medium to large organisations and government. The company’s business began as a Microsoft practice under data and analytics provider Inside Info, and has now evolved into BOOMDATA, 100 percent focused on helping businesses operate smarter and more profitably using the Microsoft data and analytics platform.

BOOMDATA combines technology leadership with industry and functional expertise to help clients capture the most value from their business data. Its senior Microsoft consultants bring a friendly and flexible approach with a proven track record of impact and expertise in all aspects of the Microsoft platforms, including Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL, Azure Analysis Services, Power BI, Azure Data Catalog and Power Apps.

From Underdogs to Experts

BOOMDATA has the resources and expertise to turn your data into better business performance. It meets clients anywhere on their journey and can be engaged on a project basis, ad-hoc, or to complement in-house resource. The company’s expertise is across the end-to-end Microsoft Data and Analytics platforms, as mentioned above. BOOMDATA takes an agile, iterative design and delivery approach with a view to delivering value early. Key service areas include:

Data Management Services: BOOMDATA's team of skilled data engineers will help you design, build and maintain a data ecosystem that can include a SQL data warehouse, data lake or data store that provides a strong foundation for analytics. Leveraging Microsoft’s leading Data Platform in SQL and Microsoft Azure, BOOMDATA can accommodate data volumes, different data types, the ability to handle big data and more advanced data analytics or large data processing workloads. The company does this without leaving security, scalability or analytics behind. BOOMDATA's aim is to help organisations:

  • Lower data management costs and risks by protecting data and reducing duplication of effort and data across systems,
  • Improve decision making by reducing the risk of basing decisions on false or inaccurate data,
  • Provide a modern data architecture that improves productivity and enables deeper analytics such as predictive and prescriptive insights.

Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Reporting Services: Spend less time preparing data and more time understanding what the data is telling you. BOOMDATA specialises in designing and delivering intuitive business intelligence and reporting solutions for clients, leveraging the leading Microsoft Data Analytics platform. Its Senior BI & Analytics Consultants each have over 10 years’ experience in the field working with Power BI, SSAS & SSRS.

Advanced Analytics Services: If your business is looking to better forecast future sales or operational costs, drive digital transformation, personalise customer experiences or find tangible cross-sell and upsell opportunities then BOOMDATA can assist with more Advanced Analytics. Designed to amplify analytics beyond the descriptive to deliver even further insight, the company combines strong business acumen with robust technical skills in data science, data mining, machine learning, modelling, AI, Microsoft Azure and Python.

Advisory Services: BOOMDATA can help businesses build the structures and processes that convert data into a strategic asset, aligning data analytics within critical systems and strategic intent. Its senior data and analytics consultants would typically conduct a review of your current data and analytics environment to understand how it’s performing and meeting expectations before identifying areas for improvement. The company’s extensive experience in delivery means it develops strategies and create roadmaps that can be executed and deliver business value.

Delivery Services: BOOMDATA works with clients to build data-driven organisations. It offers a range of data and analytics implementation and delivery services and can meet you wherever you are on your journey. The company can be engaged on a project basis, ad-hoc or to complement in-house resource. BOOMDATA takes an agile, iterative design and delivery approach, with a view to delivering value early.  While working with you to determine the engagement model that best fits your needs. The company’s implementation and delivery services span scoping, design, development, project delivery, training and skills transfer for your data and analytics initiative.

Managed Data & Analytics Services and Support: BOOMDATA's Managed Data & Analytics Services (D&A) capability offers a smart alternative to many of the challenges companies face today, including doing-it-yourself. By outsourcing the analytics technology and leveraging BOOMDATA's specialist resource, businesses can gain the capabilities and insights offered by leading in-house solutions faster and more efficiently.

The company’s Managed D&A Service can design and develop an analytics function that creates true value for the business with high availability and responsiveness. It helps design the right operating model and embeds the right processes, governance, methodologies and tools. BOOMDATA can manage your SQL data warehouse minimising dependency on individual team members and can provide complete end-to-end analytics management using the Microsoft data and analytics platforms. It provides flexibility in how you choose to work with us in a solution that can easily scale up and down.

Serving across Segments

BOOMDATA values client relationships and support some of Australia's well-known brands. It has an extensive background in designing and delivering unique Microsoft data and analytics solutions to help businesses and departments operate leaner, smarter and more profitably. BOOMDATA has expertise across most business functions with specialty in the following sectors:

Manufacturing, Business Services, Health, Retail, Life Sciences, Hospitality, Distribution, Education, Oil & Gas, Engineering & Construction, Transport & Logistics, Government & Not-For-Profit, etc.

Stuart Barnard, Executive Director

“By outsourcing the analytics technology and leveraging BOOMDATA's specialist resource, businesses can gain the capabilities and insights offered by leading in-house solutions faster and more efficiently.”