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Bringing Business Focus to IT Risk: Allgress


‘More than just traditional IT governance, risk and compliance.’

Since 2008, Allgress has exclusively focused on providing Governance, Risk and Compliance Management solutions, to a wide variety of global organizations of all sizes across multiple vertical markets. The company’s mission from the beginning has been addressing customer’s challenges by delivering new features, content and ease-of-use functionality. They don’t sell products, they help organization buy products that allow them to meet polices, regulations, best practices and partner obligations.. Allgress is based in Livermore, California.

Allgress Business Risk Intelligence solutions converge disparate risk silos across global networks and automate the entire governance, risk and compliance (IT GRC) management processes. Powered by the patented Allgress Business Risk Intelligence engine, the company’s products, solutions and reporting tools provide customers with visually oriented heat maps and assessment reports that reveal a comprehensive, immediate and intuitive picture of their organizations’ security, compliance and risk posture presented in a language understood by executives to technical leaders.

As a CISO, you are in a unique and challenging position. Your organization’s top leadership expects you to provide security and compliance for its most valuable and vulnerable information assets, and they expect you to do it in the most cost effective and efficient method possible. In addition to having to react to the latest Threats and dealing with complex and changing regulatory compliance, you have the burden of communicating your organizational security posture to senior leaders, who frequently view security and compliance as a “necessary evil” that they don’t understand. To overcome these challenges, Allgress Business Risk Intelligence brings you more than just traditional governance, risk and compliance (IT GRC)

The Allgress Business Risk Intelligence Solution
The Allgress Business Risk Intelligence solution goes beyond traditional IT governance, risk and compliance (IT GRC) management by providing assessment as well as continuous monitoring. It provides security and risk professionals with anotification when a parameterfalls outside the acceptable range then the information they need to effectively manage organization-wide security, compliance and risk. With Allgress, you can converge disparate enterprise risk silos and gain an immediate, intuitive and unified view of your organizations’ information security and compliance risk posture.

The patented Allgress Business Risk Intelligence Engine integrates the Allgress product modules and provides common services like integrated workflow and reporting. Each module provides meaningful and actionable data. Highly visual and intuitive heat maps and compliance reports that provide best-in-class graphics automatically translate that data into the language of business. Most modules can be deployed separately or as an integrated solution. When deployed separately, they provide insight into the area’s most important to you and your organization. Used as an integrated solution, you receive a holistic view of regulatory compliance, security and risk across your global network.

With Allgress, you have an operationally efficient solution that allows you to meet the demands of policy management, security and risk management, regulatory compliance, vulnerability management, 3rd Party vendor management and incident management. Now, you can make effective decisions that align security and risk management programs with business priorities, communicate the value of those decisions to senior executives and board members, and secure the resources you need to manage risk, fines and brand damage. It can be installed on-premises or as a hosted SaaS solution.

The Allgress Get Compliant Portal
The Allgress GetCompliant Portal was designed to reduce the complexity and shorten the timeframe of achieving security and compliance assessments for customers deployed within AWS. Focusing on all major regulations, best practices and industry requirements the portal guides an organization through the security and compliance process. By tightly integrating with current AWS tools, customers can automate manual functions reducing the time to identify risks and the associated exposures.

Customers can add-on the Continuous Compliance Monitoring (CCM) and report module for continuous monitoring of changes within the AWS customer environment, remediation workflows, dashboards and advanced reporting. CCM sends a notification upon the detection of a change so personal can take appropriate action if necessary or invoke automated actions like reporting or incident management work flows.

Key Features:

  • Provides a platform independent SaaS GRC solution for assessment and continuous monitoring
  • Deploys quickly and easy-to-use which for quick results which allows quicker identification of risks and compliance deficiencies
  • Patented infrastructure provides tight integration with plug-in as you need them modules for broad risk, security and compliance management
  • Integration with numerous third-party products and feeds from vulnerability, application, code scanners, DLP products, SEM products, Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) and cloud platforms like AWS.

Meet the Key Executives

Gordon Shevlin, Founder, Chief Executive Officer: Gordon Shevlin is the CEO of Allgress Inc, an IT-GRC company, and one of several security companies he has co-founded over a career spanning more than 25 years. Prior to Allgress, Gordon co-founded SiegeWorks and SiegeWorks International, a digital defense services firm. There he grew the company, built a strong international presence, and managed its successful acquisition by FishNet Security, the nation’s leading provider of information security solutions.

With his breadth of knowledge in information security, Gordon has been invited to serve on the advisory boards of 12 leading information security companies. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Gordon has been dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and skills of information security professionals through his volunteer work with ISSA. Among his many roles, Gordon has been President and Vice President of the ISSA Silicon Valley Chapter, CFO of ISSA International, and has held board positions for three consecutive terms.

Gordon is a graduate from the University of Michigan.

Jeff Bennett, Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer:
Jeff Bennett brings more than two decades of: business leadership, product development, and IT security and compliance industry experience to the company. A serial entrepreneur, he has founded and led several companies, including digital defense services firms SiegeWorks and SiegeWorks International. In 2006, FishNet Security, the nation’s leading provider of information security solutions that combine technology, services, support and training, acquired SiegeWorks. Following the acquisition, Bennett served as executive vice president of services at FishNet. He has served on the advisory boards of other leading security providers. Bennett holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from California State University at Hayward.

“By offering instant, accessible and visual analysis of the risk impact of each corporate initiative, Allgress elevates the role of the CISO to focus on minimizing risk, creating company-wide value, and supporting business objectives.”