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Bringing innovative solutions to the U.S.’s most complex security needs: Altamira Technologies


"We believe in doing great work that matters and engaging with each other and in our communities to make a difference.”

The US Defense and Intelligence Communities currently face some of the nation’s most complex challenges as they operate under tremendous pressure to secure critical data, infrastructure and services. For the DoD and IC, obstacles posed by cyber security and the defense of our nation act as fundamental drivers in a long-awaited digital transformation. The international stakes are high as threats of nation-state cyber hacking, nuclear weaponization, and the increased sophistication of asymmetric threats pose an increasing risk to US and global security. How can the Government outpace these new and evolving threats? This question encapsulates the vision statement of Altamira Technologies.

“The inspiration behind Altamira was to create a company that could implement technology innovations to one of the most critical missions of government – keeping our nation safe,” – Ted Davies, CEO of Altamira Technologies Corporation.

Originating from McLean, VA, Altamira Technologies Corporation formed when two investor groups, Columbia Capital and Razors Edge Ventures identified a critical gap in the market place. Few options exist between the multi-billion-dollar global defense primes and the hundreds of niche companies that emerged to serve the national security mission. The larger integrators fail to transform to keep pace with emerging technology advancements and adversarial threats. The niche market players simply can’t scale. The investment combined the scale of large contractors with the specialty of niche offerors to establish Altamira.

The two leading figures of Altamira: CEO and President Ted Davies, and Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer Jonathan Moneymaker, joined Altamira two years after the company’s establishment. After taking charge of the company, Ted and Jonathan led Altamira through a transformation to serve larger IC missions, recording 5 times normal industry growth in 2016. That year Altamira made two impressive acquisitions to elevate its position in the market.The acquisition of Prime Solutionsaimedto deepen Altamira’ scyber operations capability. The acquisition of APG Technologies strengthened relationships with core customers, while deepening penetration into new areas. APG added capabilities in cloud migration and the space superiority mission area. The ability to identify market gaps and accelerate to address customer challenges differentiates Altamira as the company establishes new standards for future US defense contractors.

Altamira delivers solutions with a venture mind set that aims to combine innovations from across the market and apply them to mission-centric problems.

Altamira’s team focuses on solving the most complex national security problems by offering cyber operations, mission applications, multi intelligence analysis, and data science technologies and solutions to the defense, intelligence, and homeland security communities.

Altamira Offerings

Altamira’s dedicated experts drive customer success through advanced solutions.

Applied Engineering: Altamira brings expertise in phenomenology, algorithm development, and data analysis.

  • Innovative and disruptive technologies
  • Advanced research and sensor development for space, aerial, and terrestrial missions
  • Sensor customization and integration for unique mission requirements

Mission Application Development: Altamira builds and deploys advanced software applications.

  • Tool development to enhance analytic and service delivery
  • Implementation of “best-of-breed” commercial solutions customized for customer missions
  • Expansive reach into the technology ecosystem
  • Cross-agency experience enhancing community-wide objectives

Multi-INT Analysis: Altamira manages and generates actionable intelligence from complex, high-value data.

  • Activity Based Intelligence (ABI) and traditional process, exploitation, and dissemination of finished intel
  • All-source intelligence analysis, integration, and interoperability
  • Servicing both Military and Strategic Security Communities

Data Science: Altamira performs structured and unstructured data ingest and analysis

  • Tactical and Strategic data transformation, fusion and visualization
  • Big data aggregation and correlation
  • Event stream processing analytics
  • Entity resolutions
  • Link analysis
  • High performance computing

Cyber Operations: Altamira supports offensive and defensive computer network operations at the tactical edge utilizing skill sets in exploit development, forensic analysis, reverse engineering, and cyber tradecraft.

Altamira Products

Lumify, Altamira’s next-gen big data fusion, analysis, and visualization platform supports the development of actionable intelligence.

We implement user interfaces with next generation web-based visualization tools, so analysts can perform analysis from any modern browser with network access to implemented services. Customers are not locked to proprietary appliances or thick-client interfaces.

Lumify users can easily discover complex connections and explore diverse relationships in their data. Lumify presents a suite of analytic options, including graph visualizations, full-text faceted search, dynamic histograms, interactive geospatial views, and collaborative workspaces shared in real-time. Designed with cloud-based architectures, Lumify operates on Amazon’s AWS environment and runs on mostly on-premise cloud environments.

Lumify delivers a more efficient process for gaining actionable intelligence. By visually linking data points related to a specific investigation, Lumify enables analysts to quickly discover important relationships across a variety of data sources. Data storage is non-proprietary, and Lumify works with customer’s existing data to enable sharing across analytic tools and systems.

“Our current portfolio of technology products includes Lumify, our big data fusion, analysis, and visualization platform, and DSAM, a patented technology that greatly enhances the ability of operators, both human and machine, stay hidden when it matters most,” says CEO

Direct Spatial Antenna

Modulation (DSAM) employs a patented novel framework that specializes in controlling antenna arrays. DSAM allows for power pattern control as well as the destruction of information, as a function of angle at the electromagnetic wave level.

DSAM’s ability to utilize Spatial Information Control (SIC) marks a significant change from traditional antenna array technologies, which have the capacity to direct or receive RF energy with limited action on the contained information. The ability to control the angular transmission of information or reception of information, along with array power pattern, enables significant performance improvements with secured communication systems. SIC technology can be implemented in conjunction with existing protocols, waveforms, spread spectrum and cryptologic systems without impairment.

Altamira’s innovative technologies and services have established the company as a leading player in the national security space. Recently, the mission of protecting the nation has become more complex due to rapidly evolving security threats, tightening budgets, and the rapidly changing technological landscape. Constrained by infrastructure and bureaucracy, traditional service providers fail to effectively address the mission needs of customers. Altamira brings the flexibility to respond to complex problems and the agility to harness new solutions to address the demands of the current market.

Within the U.S. National technology solutions market, Altamira has debuted with focus and sophistication as it works to develop new technology solutions that help customers outpace an ever-evolving threat environment.

“Altamira proudly sets itself apart–not just by inches, but by miles, with its unique, project-proven approach to solution development,” emphasizes CEO.

Altamira lends its success to a seasoned leadership team—technologists, engineers, scientists, and mission analysts—that possess exceptional experience ranging from startups to Fortune 50 enterprises, and drive

Altamira’s 360-degree innovation. Altamira’s ability to translate innovative ideas and solutions stems from its people, Software Development Center (SDC), partners, venture minded investors, and customers.

Future Endeavors

Altamira acts on its mission to provide the best technology and innovation for the nation’s security systems. Its innovation, excellence, and mid-market-size, position Altamira as a next generation technology leader. Now Altamira is eyeing adjacent markets in homeland security and law enforcement to carryover its field of expertise.

“We will continue to focus on developing and partnering to bring innovation and the highest quality technology services and solutions to the dynamic IC market,” says the CEO.

"At Altamira, we have great market access through a large prime contract base, solid but not overwhelming management processes and the agility and adaptability a team needs to win in today’s marketplace."

The Executives

thesiliconreview-altamira-technologies-cover-17Ted Davies is the President & Chief Executive Officer for Altamira. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the corporation and driving overall business results. Prior to Altamira, Ted spent 11 at Unisys, most recently as the President of Unisys Federal Systems where he was responsible for leading a team delivering a broad range of technology solutions and services to U.S. government clients. Active in the federal IT community, Ted is a Federal 100 Award winner and 2016 Gov Con Executive of the Year. He received a Distinguished Leadership award from ACT/IAC in 2013 and has spoken at conferences and industry events on a range of topics. Committed to charitable work in the Washington DC community, Ted is the past chairman of the board for the United Way of the National Capital Area and Board member of the Greater Washington Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America.

Ted holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Franklin & Marshall College and an M.B.A. in finance and investments from George Washington University.

As Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Altamira, Jonathan Moneymaker has primary responsibility for corporate strategy, business development and capture, solutions and research and development, marketing and communications, and legislative affairs. He has spent his entire career successfully growing and executing diverse portfolios of businesses, from start-up to Fortune 50, focusing on creating value and delivering innovative solutions across dynamic commercial and federal markets and has been honored to directly support the US Intelligence and Special Operations Communities throughout his career. Prior to joining Altamira, Jonathan served as a General Manager of Boeing’s ~$.5B, 1000 employee Intelligence Systems Group business unit with responsibilities focused on overall leadership, business strategy and growth, program execution, and operational effectiveness of the organization, as well as its 7 acquisitions and global footprint.

Jonathan holds a bachelor of science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Southern California, is a graduate of senior executive programs from Kellogg School of Management, Rady School of Management and Harvard University and serves as a member of the board of directors for the University of Southern California’s Daniel J. Epstein Industrial and Systems Engineering School and the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce.