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Build IoT Apps for any industry. Remotely Monitor, Manage & Control millions of IoT devices in real-time: SenseGrow Inc.


The Internet of Things is one of the emerging topics of technical, social and economic significance. Consumer products, durable goods, cards and trucks, industrial and utility components, sensors and other everyday objects are being combined with Internet connectivity and powerful data analytic capabilities that promise to transform the way we work, live, and play. In the current scenario, IoT is everywhere around us and plays a vital role in our life. However, the IoT raises significant challenges that could stand in the way of realizing its potential benefits. Headlines about the hacking of IoT devices, surveillance concerns, and privacy fears have already grabbed the public attention. Technical challenges remain and new policy, legal and development challenges are also rising up to the surface.

To deal with all the possible significant challenges and with the purpose of making Internet of Things simpler, faster and cheaper, in 2014, SenseGrow was founded. With a mission to liberate IoT devices, SenseGrow’s products have been designed to enable enterprises to build IoT solutions in just a few clicks. Its SaaS pricing enables enterprises to realize ROI from their IoT solutions before they decide to go full steam on their IoT journey.

About the Leading SaaS IoT Company

SenseGrow is an Enterprise SaaS IoT Company committed to providing the best possible Internet of Things technology to the customers. It creates easy to use Internet of Things software that enables developers to build IoT solutions faster and businesses to get more value from their connected devices.

SenseGrow positions itself in the IoT market purely to help its customer navigate the IoT maze rather than pushing its own IoT agenda on them. Where several IoT companies are focused on either providing a generic IoT Platform or on a domain-specific solution, the underlying problem is getting customers up and running on IoT faster and cheaper. Customers are usually on a limited budget and often not sure of what their needs are. SenseGrow enables them to make decisions based on data that is available to them almost immediately and specific to their organization. This accelerates their go or no-go decision with a clearer picture of how IoT may or may not work to their advantage.

The melody of a successful venture

Just like every other IoT company, SenseGrow also faces challenges. Potential customers are unable to understand the benefits IoT can bring to their organization, ROI being the biggest point of confusion. This is the area that SenseGrow is addressing successfully and looking for better customer acquisition strategies.

SenseGrow’s flagship product, ioEYE, is designed to help enterprises figure out what IoT means to them and then grow from there. Enterprises can start small and with a near-zero budget. As they get more comfortable with how IoT can benefit them, they can explore more options beyond ioEYE while staying in the SenseGrow ecosystem of Apps, Hardware Vendors and Solution Providers. SenseGrow ensures that customers are not locked-in with any technologies or hardware, giving them flexibility to scale as and when they are ready to.

SenseGrow’s customers are mostly located in APAC and GCC regions. Its partners however are located all over the world. SenseGrow’s customer list includes some big names such as Emerson, Coca-Cola, Pepsico, Nestle, Maruti Suzuki, Aditya Birla and Reliance Industries among many others.

And if we talk about how satisfied are the clients with the service & product what SenseGrow is providing, then the project for Emerson Process Management is the best example of world class service provided by SenseGrow. The ‘Remote Monitoring of Industrial Stack Emissions and Waste Water’ is one of the best and successful projects by SenseGrow.

Emerson Process Management is a Fortune 500 corporation headquartered in Missouri, United States. Emerson wanted to provide a connected environmental analyzer to their customers. They wanted to leverage IoT technologies to provide a software solution that was easy to use, real-time and centralized. Compliance with pollution control board guidelines and the ability to remotely calibrate and troubleshoot these devices was the primary objective.

SenseGrow team has worked with their Application Partner, LogicLadder, to understand the requirements related to all the legacy hardware. Leveraging the unique architecture of ioEYE, SenseGrow supported these legacy devices on their Cloud Platform, thereby making them plug-n-play. This enabled LogicLadder to focus on Emerson’s business requirements, without spending time or energy on the underlying core IoT infrastructure. By building their application on top of ioEYE platform, LogicLadder is able to provide intelligent insights about stack emissions and wastewater. This helps Emerson’s customers to take corrective actions remotely and in real-time.

Emerson Process Management today has a major footprint in India, offering Smart IoT Analyzers for monitoring industrial stack emissions and wastewater. Advanced analytics and machine learning provide information that lets them identify anomalies, act in time and take corrective actions remotely. This helps them lower their operational, support and maintenance costs.

The leaders behind SenseGrow’s success

Atindra Chandel, CEO of SenseGrow is a Serial entrepreneur with background in Logistics and M2M. He co-founded multiple successful IoT/M2M start-ups in Logistics, Sustainability and Predictive Maintenance industries. Currently, Atindra is leading product vision and technical roadmap at SenseGrow.

Mayank Chauhan, COO of SenseGrow is an IIT Mumbai graduate and a Law graduate from Delhi University. Mayank co-founded multiple start-ups in IoT with award-winning products and technologies. He is currently leading operational excellence at SenseGrow and also focusing on business development.

Honomount Rawat, CMO, is an IIT Varanasi graduate with Master’s from University of California, Riverside. Honomount formerly lead strategy and planning activities at Samsung, product development at Telenav Inc. and worked on various mobile technologies. He is currently leading SenseGrow’s sales and marketing initiatives.

Mark Bernstein, Advisor - Advisory Board Member at SenseGrow Inc. Mark brings immense experience from running Xerox PARC as CEO and then as COO at Samsung, where he headed their Open Innovation Team and the Computing Science Innovation Center.