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Build your business with Pronexus’ advanced and innovative voice technologies


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephony menu system that enables the dial pad to identify, segmentation, and rout call callers to the most appropriate agent within your team. It is simple and effective and will significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency within any company. IVRs collect information about your customer's needs and transfer calls to the most appropriate agent or department, depending on their IVR input. When requests are directed to agents using technology, the caller's probability will be transferred to the wrong agent or department will be significantly reduced. IVRs allow you to prioritize calls based on the caller's value. When a high-value customer calls, the IVR will route them to the most qualified agent to meet their needs. If all of your agents are busy, they will be directed to the waiting queue's front.

Pronexus is one such creative force behind VBVoice recognized as one of the most seasoned and powerful IVR development toolkits available today. With its consistent innovation and technological advancement in the field of IVR development, Pronexus has expanded its product range to include the comprehensive IVR monitoring tool IVRGuard™. The company's commitment to innovative, future-proof solutions is demonstrated by its dedication to offering new functionality and its status as an established Microsoft Silver Partner.

Thousands of companies around the world use VBVoice in IVR applications that range from auto-attendants to automated payments, fax applications, notification, polls, and surveys. Pronexus' IVR application success stems from its alignment with market-leading technology partners such as Microsoft, Dialogic, LumenVox, Nuance, and MatrixIT. The company's go-to-market strategy consists of building strong relationships and working closely with its channel partners to achieve joint business goals.

Innovative products furnished by Pronexus

Custom IVR Development: Pronexus team of interactive voice response (IVR) experts can help you create custom telephony and speech/voice applications for your unique requirements. With decades of IVR software development experience, Pronexus allows customers worldwide to increase profitability and decrease overhead. The company's expertise includes telephony, voice user interface (VUI) design, automated speech recognition (ASR), text-to-speech (TTS), and third-party integration.

IVR Applications Review: Pronexus is the creative force behind VBVoice™, so no one knows the product better than the company does. That's why Pronexus can facilitate your IVR solution development efforts by performing code and call flow reviews to ensure that your usage of VBVoice is optimized for your voice application requirements, enabling your system to perform to its maximum potential. IVR application call flow review ensures that your IVR application's logic is optimized for your business or organizational requirements. Pronexus developers will apply best practices in telephony and speech application design to increase your development process's efficiency and effectiveness.

Pronexus IVR Proprietary Call Control: Pronexus offers an optional proprietary speech over internet protocol (SIP) call control, for VBVoice™ customers in versions 8.20 and above. Eliminating the need for third-party call control, developers can now reduce their application cost and make use of the proprietary Pronexus Call Control. Pronexus Call Control eliminates the limitations inherent in using a third-party solution. It provides a foundation for adding additional features in future VBVoice releases (e.g., support for transfers through re-invite messages, support for changes of codecs, and other call conditions during the call to expose more information about the call to the application).

IVR Speech Consulting: In interactive voice response (IVR) solutions, the technical side of automatic speech recognition (ASR) has matured to a point where correctly capturing spoken input is reliable. Now a major challenge is creating intuitive and efficient voice user interfaces (VUI) to harness this technology as a business-driving tool properly. Developing an effective VUI involves several activities that a typical IVR software developer may not have the time or expertise to tackle. This is where Pronexus IVR Speech Consulting services can help you succeed. The firm can design a new VUI from the ground up, edit and optimize an existing voice application, or even adapt an IVR (touchtone) system to migrate it effectively to get all the VUI advantages.

Leader behind the supremacy of Pronexus

Gary Hannah is the President and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Pronexus. In addition to his leadership of Pronexus, Gary is a former member of the Almonte General Hospital Board of Directors, serving on the Nomination and Governance Committee. Gary is the past Chairman of OCRI (now Invest Ottawa), past Chair of Ottawa Global Marketing (OGM) (now Invest Ottawa), and past member of the Board of Directors, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI). Active in computers and service for 35+ years, he has specialized in high technology innovative solutions in cross-vertical markets, such as healthcare, higher education, and financial and manufacturing business solutions. His successes range from establishing unique marketing and distribution strategies to building innovative software solutions to address emerging markets, coupled with extensive channel experience.

In addition to many years of executive management experience, Gary was the lead executive on two mergers, JetForm-Delrina and GE Capital-CBCI, and is a recipient of the Ottawa Business Journal's 2002 Forty under 40.

"We pair VBVoice with complementary IVR support, IVR training, and professional services and pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service."