SR 20 Fastest Growing Big Data Companies 2016

“Building the next Big Data platform, in real-time.”: DataSift

“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.”– Margaret Heffernan

A Specialist in Data Mining, Social Data, Cloud Computing, Social Media Filtering, Big Data, DataSift is the leader in Human Data Intelligence that empowers application developers to maximize the value of Human Data, in real-time. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in San Francisco, DataSift has operations in New York, Reading and London, UK and Canada. DataSift’s vast ecosystem of partners includes Oracle, Sysomos and WPP as well as thousands of application developers across a wide variety of industries including retail, telecommunications, high tech, consumer packaged goods and digital agencies.

…And this is how DataSift came into being
Back in 2007, the main source of news and content was consumed through individual RSS feeds. Ahead of its time, tracked ‘social signals’ – explicit ‘liking’ and implicit data about time viewing articles – to rank the popularity of content.

TWEETMEME- With Twitter’s growth in popularity, the company was quick to realize the value of the links shared on the micro-blogging platform. By applying’s technology to Twitter it became – TweetMeme.

THE RETWEET BUTTON- TweetMeme’s popularity proved that the world needed a new way to easily re-share content from Twitter – Tweetmeme’s Retweet button was born. The company then automated understanding the contents of the tweets thus automating the categorization of tens of millions of links per day. And the Retweet button was installed on more than half a million websites around the world.

DATASIFT- Soon, the company realized that TweetMeme’s technology was proving extremely valuable to businesses that wanted to curate content about them. TweetMeme then exchanged the Retweet button for long-term access to Twitter’s firehose. And Nick made a decision to build the ultimate engine for programmatically understanding what is being said within social data streams.

This engine today is DataSift. Over the years, DataSift has grown into the Big Data company whose raison d’être is to empower organizations to harness the power of Human Data in real-time.

Being Different in the Domain
DataSift today offers the fastest-growing type of data, covering the entire spectrum of human-generated information, shared across social networks, blogs, news sites and inside the business.

They are one of the leaders that provide state-of-the-art technology that allows capturing, analyzing and acting on all the types of Human Data, without compromising consumer trust

DataSift’s Product Offerings
Access to data from billions of conversations –Social Data encompasses many things: the voice of your customers, the activities of your competitors, and the preferences of the marketplace. There is a massive amount of content being created and shared continuously across multiple networks and in various formats.

PYLON for Facebook Topic Data- Privacy-first technology for building insights from Facebook data. PYLON for Facebook Topic Data enables companies to analyze what is being shared on Facebook while respecting privacy.

Open Data Processing for Twitter- Advanced technology to gain value from Tweets. Open Data Processing for Twitter gives an access to advanced DataSift features for finding the value from Tweets.

For Developers- DataSift provides products tailored needs. Social Data For Developers- There are a multitude of ways businesses want to access and act on social activity and app developers are responding to these needs, integrating and building on social data and developing niche markets across the social landscape. But in an industry as dynamic as social media, developers face some fundamental challenges.

Agencies- Social Data for Agencies- As an agency, one always looks for ways to serve clients better, whether that’s research, execution or measurement and optimization. Social media is a rich source of information to help drive towards their goals, but it can pose some challenges.

Knowing the Masters

Tim Barker, CEO
Tim joined DataSift Inc. in 2011 to serve as Chief Marketing Officer and then Chief Product Officer, focusing on product and market strategy. Tim has more than 20 years of experience in the enterprise software market, spanning CRM, collaboration and content management. During his career Tim founded three successful startups, most recently Koral, a content collaboration startup which was acquired by Salesforce. He holds four patents in the area of on-demand services.

Steven Pease, COO & CFO
Steven brings an extensive background to DataSift in operational and financial management spanning 20 years. He joined the company from a consulting firm, where he was the acting CFO for over 25 emerging technology companies in a wide range of industries, most notably SaaS. Steven has guided his companies in generating substantial growth, the financing of more than $50M in debt and equity, and through several successful exits. He also has general management experience, having run a $40M retail manufacturing company. Earlier in his career, Steven was the Controller for, a poster company for the original dot com boom.

Client Speak
“DataSift is the backbone for our social media analytics platform, Social Net Advocacy (SNA). SNA enables Dell to monitor our brand advocacy translating social media conversations into a near real-time NPS score.”– Shree Dandekar, Chief Strategist BI & Analytics, Dell

“One of the big advantages of DataSift is you innovate quite quickly in getting new feeds in. And that allows us to experiment quickly, to see how content spreads across a network and then report back to our clients whether this is a place they need to invest in or not.”– Steve King, Managing Director, Black Swan

“We provide state-of-the-art technology that allows you to capture, analyze and act on all the types of Human Data, without compromising consumer trust.”