July Special Edition 2021

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Regulations are often looked upon as a hindrance to business, yet it is very difficult to thrive without them in most cases. Governments play an essential role in maintaining stability and peace in the market even though many flaws exist. In the competitive business landscape, this issue has continued to become more complex. Even though the growth of technology has made a lot of things easier for businesses, it has also made the business world difficult to navigate. This, in turn, has given birth to new regulations, especially in sectors that involve consumer data privacy, ecological protection, anti-money laundering, and sustainability. With many new rules and regulations to keep up with, the importance of compliance is now more than ever. As a business owner, you must make sure that your business adheres to the government regulations and meet any standard set by the regulatory bodies.

Globally there are various firms that help businesses navigate through this heavily regulated world, but C2C Smart Compliance stands out from the rest. C2C is a Compliance and Risk firm that specializes in software and professional services that help organizations and regulated industries navigate the complex regulatory world. The C2C compliance services include the mapping of regulations in the organization to determine and understand where deficiencies may create unnecessary risks to the organization. The software provides insight into the changes in regulations and highlights and seeks out deficient areas that may be subject to regulatory review by third parties. In addition, C2C provides risk software and services designed to support the whole enterprise, providing a comprehensive library of threats and vulnerabilities linked to control infrastructure to suit the organization. Risk calculations include the organization’s overall risk, including impacts and probabilities, inherent risk, residual risk, and control effectiveness. Business impact analysis is also included and allows an organization to undertake a simple BIA or a detailed BIA. C2 provides a ‘soup to nuts’ solution at a competitive price point.

In conversation with Steve Crutchley, Founder and CEO of but C2C Smart Compliance

Q. How has compliance management evolved throughout the years? What are the anticipated trends in this segment?

When C2C started in this field, we had an idea to the extent of the number of best practices, standards, and regulations that were required to be reviewed and managed, but we were shocked by the actual number we identified and also imported into our products. The C2C philosophy was to map together the frameworks to provide a ‘line of sight’ across the organization and out to the regulatory environment. Today, we managed in excess of 10,000 regulations, standards, and best practices (growing daily) and pride ourselves on the fact we are always up to date and can import and map new requirements within hours. We are able to stay ahead by having dedicated staff that understands the regulatory world and are able to assist our clients face-to-face and not expect them to manage a url load for their compliance and risk needs.

Q. With the consequences of failing to comply with laws, regulations, and standards having such a high potential cost, what are the functions of compliance management?

The C2C team works hand in hand with our clients to ensure they get exactly what they need to make decisions. Mappings provide that extra level of support that other products and services do not have. The C2C goal is to assist and not hinder. Noncompliance has major cost implications; therefore, we used highly trained personnel to supplement our client’s team members.

Q. Generally, risk and compliance services are expensive. Can SMEs benefit from your services?

The C2C products are designed with the end-user/SMEs in mind. To be honest, it is still true that risk and compliance solutions are expensive and hard to use. We see competitors offering a solution that truly does not work as expected and other offering solutions that take a long time to implement and learn. Our solutions are up and running in hours and effectively supporting the clients and their teams. We do not overcomplicate; to be effective, this must support you and be easy to manage and maintain. Our mantra has always been to make your life easy and not overcomplicate or overcharge.

Q. From an integrity perspective, the decision to be open about organizational compliance sends a very clear message that the company is committed to ethical conduct. How do you define ethical values?

Ethical values start with being honest and forthright, some might say a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay! Also, providing the products at a cost that is acceptable to the organization and not pretending or price hyping services saying they are more complicated than they are. This is a common thread in Risk and Compliance. C2C experiences this regularly either product purported to do more than they do or service providers that do not have the skills.

Firms and corporations are crossing international borders and expanding across the globe through mergers, acquisitions, consolidation, and collaboration with foreign counsel. Tell us about your service model.

The C2C Service model supports worldwide risk and regulatory compliance. We have partners in Australia, South Africa, and Europe and can immediately respond to service requirements for either risk or compliance. Using partners allows us to leverage their capability, which provides us with additional manpower when we need it.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We are about to announce more functionality in our MyRiskAssessor product related to Business Impact Analysis (we now offer simple and detailed BIAs) and also the real-time links to Business Continuity Plans. We are finalizing the BCMS plans capabilities in the product, and with this additional functionality, we will be expanding our existing ISO 22301 and DR services using the low-priced, high functionality product. It will also be the central repository for BCMS plans for organizations.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

We are working with another organization to offer Cloud-based services for Risk and Compliance. This is currently being worked on but under wraps for now. More news will be coming later.

Meet the leader behind the success

of C2C Smart Compliance

Steve Crutchley is the Founder and CEO of C2C Smart Compliance. Steve is a recognized leader and foremost authority in the GRC arena (Risk and Compliance). With more than 40 years of experience in Business Protection, combined with an extensive knowledge of the industrial, commercial, government and financial areas, Steve has dedicated his career to maintaining a highly focused emphasis on risk, governance, compliance, information security and information assurance.

“C2C’s web-based, automated compliance platform is designed for improved business performance and audit readiness across the entire organization.”