August Edition 2019

Catapulting small businesses to greater success: W3 Affinity


Businesses in just about every sector have a presence on the internet. It is one of the most fundamental rules for running any enterprise. Having a website allows a company to have efficient and productive interaction with its customers in addition to improving its visibility in the market. In light of the importance of web development, numerous media advertising corporations have sprung up to develop the digital marketing industry into a global one. W3 Affinity is one of the world’s foremost digital marketing agencies offering top of the line SEO and targeted advertising services.

Launched over 15 years ago, W3 Affinity was operated by a single person, the company has experienced steady growth over the years and has established its position as one of the leaders in its industry. The company has serviced over 300 websites with various services ranging from On-Page SEO, inbound marketing, social media, web design, graphic design and more.

Let’s have a look at some of W3 Affinity’s successful case studies

Pick a Bloom

W3 Affinity started digital marketing efforts for Pick a Bloom in November of 2015.

Pick a Bloom set out to sell wedding flowers online with a Shopify website and wanted to be disruptors by bringing a product that had a negative connotation for being “Fake” and “Dead looking” in their industry to the spotlight due to its actual beauty and longevity over their competitors’ products online.

Pick a Bloom faced a very uphill battle for the spotlight in very crowded wedding industry. They brought W3 Affinity on board as the experts in both Shopify Development and SEO. The company was facing a shortage of sales and lead generation. W3 Affinity needed to find a way to find and convert those leads. The strategy that W3 adopted had multiple layers that needed to be executed on and it had to be done quickly and effectively.

W3 Affinity determined its target and delivered advertising to them allowing them to answer a key question in their journey to get married. The tool took off as a standard for the budget determination as its data was unbiased in its answering. Every lead that was added to a custom audience as it was known that they were interested in the services of Pick a Bloom and also added to an email drip campaign.

This resulted in custom order requests jumping to over 500% immediately. Driving sales was the final goal of this exercise. The lead generation was to feed the beast while keeping budgets managed.

SEO for a local business

W3 Affinity started digital marketing efforts for Parkside Barbershop in June of 2010 through a customer of Parkside Barbershop that insisted that they get online and have a website.

Parkside was a 3 chair barbershop over in the west side of Richmond, Virginia and didn’t have a website. Their small size and lack of digital presence was something that was noted by customers and a customer of Parkside had referred W3 Affinity to do the original web design on the project. After the development of the website in 2012, W3 noted to the client that they’d need to really get into local SEO in order to see growth in their business.

The challenge was a long list of local barbershops that were owned by younger entrepreneurs that understood that they needed to have a web presence and that Parkside was late to the scene. Along with this, W3 Affinity was constrained by a very shoestring budget to make it all happen with.

The results of a great company like Parkside Barbershop continually bringing back their customers and gaining review after review while W3 Affinity managed the Shopify Website & SEO, resulted in growth into a new storefront, 12 chairs that barbers interchange as they bust out of the seams of their new building, and additional men’s grooming services to increase the value proposition that Parkside offers the Richmond area.

Meet the stalwart who founded W3 Affinity, John Keller

John serves as the CEO of W3 Affinity. It has been his life’s mission in a business to help small businesses take a piece of the pie online and compete with the big companies. Since starting W3 Affinity in 2003, he worked in various industries, such as Home Improvement, Medical, Technology, and my favorite: Small & Local Businesses. Now in 2018, W3 Affinity is a globally recognized company ranking top 10 in eCommerce SEO.

“We are the experts in strategy & business growth.”