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CCP Global Inc: Setting the benchmark in Spend Management solutions


Many organizations adopt Spend Management technologies and best practices which support optimizing spend across their company. Successful Spend Management programs use technology to gain visibility into their organizational spend and capture opportunities for strategic category management programs ultimately resulting in cost savings.  CCP Global is a leader in delivering best in class technology and process solutions to help clients achieve significant and sustainable cost reduction. This incremental value provides clients a competitive advantage on a global scale.

CCP Global, formerly known as Chicago Consulting Partners, Ltd., is a premier partner with SAP Ariba, and a leader in delivering technology solutions to enterprises. They deliver cost reduction and business development strategies by leveraging their team of experts, strategic partnerships, and by deploying best-in-class technologies. Since 1998, CCP Global has built a strong reputation within their client community and amongst competitors because of their dedication to providing the highest quality services, excelling at People, Process, and Technology. CCP’s team of experts have serviced more than 250 clients ranging from mid-sized firms to Fortune 500 companies across many different industries, leading both domestic and international client initiatives. CCP’s mission is to empower clients to enhance profitability, increase efficiency, and reduce risk by providing strategic business solutions that leverage experienced people and innovative technologies.

Offering organized and cost-effective spend management solutions

Businesses are increasingly moving from their expensive ERP-On-Premise procurement systems to platforms which are easy to configure without the burden of the expensive customizations required for legacy systems. Leading companies are leveraging the advantages of Cloud based technologies. The traditional Purchase-License or On-Premise model is characterized by high “total cost of ownership” including high up-front investments in hardware, software, implementation services, ongoing support, upgrade, and maintenance costs. Cloud based solutions increase flexibility, collaboration, and efficiency while improving cash flow.

CCP Global can recommend a best-practice approach to drive savings through improvement in Spend Management processes and technology based on their clients’ specific business needs. The last few years have witnessed a tremendous paradigm shift in best practices in Spend Management Solutions. New solutions that are simple, intuitive, and easy to use quickly drive results to the bottom line. CCP’s Sourcing Optimization Services Group provides its clients the gateway to Strategic Sourcing. Their consultants help in utilizing the e-Tool Investment, building on existing stakeholder relationships, optimizing processes, and generating both near and long term savings streams. “Our passion is empowering enterprise organizations to embrace the leading Spend Management technologies and adopt industry best practices to realize sustainable cost savings.”

Knocking down the challenges of procurement solutions

CCP Global has teamed with many innovative solution partners including, SAP Ariba, to redefine procurement processes and solutions, accelerate savings, and reduce organization’s overall risk exposure.  The fully functional SAP Ariba eProcurement platform is a key sub-component of its Spend Management solution that is delivered in the cloud under a SaaS model, enabling a significantly reduced “total cost of ownership” and other advantages, including rapid pace of innovation. This solution consolidates the best eProcurement and expense management technologies into a single platform and solution that is easy to use, fast to configure and deploy, and cost-effective. The platform features a single user interface, a single workflow model for approving purchases and invoices, and instant visibility to organizational spending as it occurs. 

CCP Global and its solution partners utilize flexible API’s and best-of-breed integration methods and practices to ensure a seamless connection with the eProcurement platform within their client’s ERP or accounting system. Through its talented Consultants, CCP’s experts assist in minimizing overspending, yet achieve spend performance benchmarks that outperform in the marketplace, while exploiting the best deals and lowest prices available regardless of the supplier through a central procurement platform.

Knowing the CEO, Chris Wojcik

Chris Wojcik co-founded CCP Global Inc. with Alan Miller, an Ernst & Young alumnus. After working 10 years for Accenture, Chris Wojcik and Alan Miller founded Chicago Consulting Partners; later shortened to CCP Global by clients. The firm was quick in its growth and attaining recognition for delivering outstanding results, innovative problem solving, and dramatically improving spend under management.

CCP Global is a recognized leader in Enterprise Spend Management Consulting around the world for the F1000 and G2000 as the firm has saved clients more than $2 billion. Today, the firm is recognized as a leading Spend Management consulting boutique focused on SAP Ariba Spend Management solutions. CCP Global supports its clients in a transparent and innovative manner transferring knowledge of best practices to all its clients.

“The goal to save our client’s money in a professional, quality and innovative manner and via the best solutions is our DNA.” – C. Wojcik