20 Fastest Growing Security Companies

Challenging the Malware, Securing the data: Secure Access Technologies

What could be the biggest challenge for the IT security providers? Is it finding the new ways to inspect files for suspicious activity to detect malware? Is it developing new technologies to encrypt machine-to-machine communication for critical infrastructure protection? Or is it mobile protections, addressing the security of text messages, making them self-destruct after a time period? Well, the answer is all of these.

There are only a few companies who are coping up with these challenges very well. Secure Access Technologies is one of them. It is a leading provider of single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication and proximity security for enterprise mobility and BYOD. The founder and CEO, Ben Ayed has 12 patents, i

ncluding seven on mobile security. He has been involved in three more startups before joining SAT. “Secure Access Technologies Inc. (SAT) has developed a proximity-based technology. It secures mobile applications at organizations where employees use their own devices for work. The trend is known as BYOD or Bring Your Own Device. Its technology prevents unauthorized access of data networks if an employee isn’t near the mobile device being used or if the device is in an unapproved area. The company says its technology, which involves software and a key fob, installs in minutes and is covered by several patents.” – Ayed, CEO

The latest and developed products
1. Your Phone is Your ID
• Secures the users data with his or her phone proximity
2. No-Password Sign-On
• Sign-on to all the users’ existing applications with a click on their phone
3. Two-Factor Authentication
• Risk-Based Biometric Authentication • Data Locks when the user walks away
4. Guaranteed Integration in Minutes
• With any web application
• Any mobile application
• Any desktop application
• And physical security
5. One Policy Console
• Secures PC, mobile, cloud and doors
• No coding – No SDK
• Move from Reactive to Proactive Security

“With increasing use of mobiles and BYOD, One of the biggest concerns of businesses is how to keep their data secure. Traditional desktop-centric security tools were not built for mobility. Secure Access Technologies (SAT) aims to help mobile developers to secure mobile and Web applications with its newly-launched SAT Mobile ID, which provides breakthrough user experience with no passwords and single sign-on. The SAT Wrapper integrates the SAT Mobile ID with any application in minutes without any source code or coding. SAT Mobile ID enables any application with enterprise-grade security, including multi-factor authentication, geo-fencing, proximity monitoring and application self-defense.” – Ayed, CEO